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Baby talk

It was the grand opening at the store today. We were so slammed with business it was hard to keep up. Now I’m dead tired. Like, can barely keep my eyes open to type tired. It was great that the store was so busy but it was hard work.

Anyway, I cannot stay coherent enough to type out a full post. Instead, here’s a hilarious reminder that toddlers? Mimic everything.

Made me giggle.


The one with the lobster


Dollar, dollar bill y’all


  1. That is just adorable!

  2. jamonkey

    very cute! funnier because everything is just blabber and then the Shit comes out!

    • Right. Although I thought it was really funny how she mimicked the "uh huh, uh huh" too. She obviously had been paying attention. A little too close attention, ::giggle::

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