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Month: May 2006

Not much there, but I own it now and it has a picture of me in a castle. I’ve got a couple ideas but I’m open to suggestions, so let me know what you think I should do with it.

Some good thoughts

Life is good. Nothing in particular has happened but I’ve been feeling really great about life lately. Here are a few of the things I’m excited about in my life:

~Cornerstone! Lots and lots of music, tons of interesting people, heat, dirt, trips to Wal*Mart, tents and rain. It’s always the highlight of my summer and this year I’m married! I can’t wait!

~We have a fountain in our lake! *giggle* I know it’s a silly little thing to get excited about but I’m thrilled. Not only that but it has a really pretty light at night time and there’s a great blue heron that lives there and lots of Canadian geese (my favorite animal). At sunset it’s just gorgeous. I’ll try and get a good picture and post it for all of you.
~Melon is in season! Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Watermelon…doesn’t matter, I LOVE melon! That comes with some very sad news though too. While I can eat it, I’ve discovered that I’m allergic to it if I eat in in large quanities. And when I say large quanities I mean eating an entire melon in one sitting…which I tend to do. Oh well, I’ll just have to limit myself and hopefully I can still enjoy my favorite thing to eat in the whole world

~Thunderstorms! Tis’ the season and I love it. I love everything about them, the firework show of lighting, pouring rain, booms that make the house shake, the way the sky turns green, the way it smells outside when they’re over, all of it. They are so relaxing and enjoyable to me…as long as I don’t have to go outside in them that is…

So yeah, I’m so grateful that God has blessed me so much. I have an amazing best friend that I’m lucky enough to be married to, my family is doing really well and lives close to me so we can spend time together and my life is basically just great! *big smile* Until next time!

Boy’s night

Tonight we had my little eight year old brother over. We ordered pizza and watched a movie and now Joel and him are playing video games. They are so cute! I love watching how they interact. They definitely have the whole brother thing down pat. It cracks me up watching them play their little video games too because obviously David has a lot more time to practice than Joel and so David almost always ends up winning whatever they play. Once Joel gets the hang of whatever game they’re playing he does much better but he does a lot of crashing into things in the process, hehe. And he’s probably going to kill me when he reads this, but oh well. He’s going to make such a great Dad…eventually! lol. We’re not in any hurry to head that direction that’s for sure. But a few years into the future I’ll be proud to have him as the father of my children *smile*.

On another note, if a couple things work out we’re thinking about getting a dog! hehe. It will definitely be a tiny dog. There are a few I’m thinking about but the main ones I’m leaning toward are:

Yorshire Terrier



a Chihuahua *giggle* look how cute she is!

*all pictures curtesy of
Basically, I want a dog that I can carry around in a purse. So, what do you all think? IF I get one, which kind should I go for?

Hello, my name is Mrs. Abigail Gratcyk!

Sorry for the long absence..again. I won’t give excuses, I’ll just get right to the update *smile* The big news, for those of you who don’t know already is Joel and I got married! And don’t worry, we’re still planning on having a formal wedding. This was just a little, very informal event so we could more fully express our love for each other and get an apartment and sort of jump start the rest of our lives as a couple. Here are some pictures from the event:

Can you see the sparkle in my eyes? He puts it there every single day *big smile*

The exchanging of rings.

Look how happy we are!

A very special prayer and the lighting of the symbolic unity candle.

“You may kiss your bride”

Introducing, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Gratcyk!

Joel and me with our parents.

Joel and me with his grandparents and my Grandma Carolyn.

Joel and me with our siblings. He didn’t marry into a small family, that’s for sure! lol.

After the ceremony we all went over to my parents house for a little cookout. It was such a perfect day. The weather was a little cool, but it was bright and sunny and everyone was pleasant and wonderful to us. It was so nice to have them all there for us on such an important day in our lives.

I love being married and I couldn’t be happier. Joel is so good to me and I fall in love with him more and more every day. He is the best friend I’ve ever had and every day we learn a little bit more about each other and become closer.

We are living in a cute little apartment on the north side of Valpo. It’s great! I’ll try and post some pictures soon. Our jobs are going well, Joel is now full time at Wal*Mart and that means he doesn’t have to work at Menard’s anymore, yay! I’m ever advancing at Fazoli’s. There’s a lot more to being a manager than just wanting to, you have to know the answer to everything! lol. But I’m learning quickly and should be getting the title of Associate Trainer (which comes with a raise! hehe) in the next couple of weeks. After that it’s just a matter of how fast I can learn enough to become certified as an actual manager.

And that’s it. I’m so happy and excited about life and now that we’re moved in and actually have internet you all should be hearing from me much more regularly. *big smile*

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