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Weekly Wesley: Twenty


Twenty weeks. Long enough to be halfway through a pregnancy.

Or if it’s Wesley a week and two days short of halfway. Ahem.

In a pregnancy we’d be doing the anatomy scan this week and finding out if the baby has all the proper parts.

We cheated a bit and found out Wesley’s gender at 16 weeks but we of course did the normal anatomy scan to be safe. Here is Wesley in profile at 20 weeks in utero…


and out.

Wesley is still going through a leap or something. When he’s happy he’s the happiest baby you ever saw. But we play the happy baby/mad baby game on a way too frequent basis lately. It’s kind of exhausting.

One thing he really likes thankfully is being wrapped.


We’re packing, packing, packing (ugh, do I hate moving) so it’s very convenient that he enjoys being worn or I’d never get anything done. Two weeks from today we will be settling into our new place. I’m so ready for it to be over.

Other milestones:

  • Wesley found his hand. It was quite shocking. Clearly.


  • He also decided he really likes Phoebe. Phoebe remains unfazed but I’m guessing that is mostly because because Wesley hasn’t figured out how to purposefully grab her yet.


  • Wesley’s legs are officially long enough to drape over mine while I’m lying down and nursing him. My long little man.


  • He makes the most hilarious faces. Currently cracking me up is how he chews on his own gums like a little old man.


  • The sweet face I wake up to every morning.


And lastly I’m going to end with a possibly dumb question. When Wesley does tummy time now he almost never stays on his stomach for more than a few seconds before he rolls onto his back. I’ve been leaving him like that because it seems like that better teaches him cause and effect. Plus, he’s still working on rolling himself from back to stomach. It struck me though that maybe I should flip him back to his tummy every once in awhile? I mean, it’s not really tummy time anymore, technically. Or should I leave him? Because boy is he proud of his rolling abilities.


I’m over thinking this, aren’t I?


Weekly Wesley: Nineteen


Weekly Wesley: Twenty one


  1. He’s so sweet! I love that hand picture! And the flipping, I’m not sure. I’d guess just keep giving him opportunities (several a day, maybe) to be on his tummy, and let him flip to his back. They all get it eventually (I mean, every able kindergartener walks, right?)

  2. I would always flip my boys back over for a little bit then give up.

  3. Don’t forget babywearing counts as tummy time… you wear him enough that if he wants to flip I wouldn’t be too concerned! Once he starts rolling and crawling it wont be any problem anyways. 🙂

  4. I don’t think this kid could be any cuter!!!

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