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Month: October 2005

Play Place Fun

Joel and I took the kids to an indoor place play the other day and had a blast.

grrr, tough guys!

The best thing about kids is you get to play like you are one and nobody thinks twice, *hehe*

I’ve moved

My web address that is.

Check it out! *smile*

15 cents short

I went to the good old Albert Heijn (AH) to pick up one of their fruit smoothie drinks (seriously sooo good!) and in front of me in line there was a man buying a can of beer. To pay for it he had a voucher that AH gives out in exchange for empty pop bottles. The lady rang him up and the voucher covered all but 15 cents of the price of the beer. He was surprised by the price and searched all his pockets for change but came up empty handed.

It was really sad to see. The man looked like he was pretty hard up for cash, he was pretty dirty and basically looked like your typical homeless man. He had nothing and was spending the few cents he had on a can of beer! I dunno. It was weird because if he had been trying to buy a sandwich or something I think anyone in line would’ve offered to make up the difference (there was a pretty decent line on both sides because the other cash register that was open was having some kind of price check issue) But I didn’t feel like the right thing to do was pay for this man’s beer and I think most everyone else in line felt the same way.

When the lady started to ask her manager how to refund the voucher a man behind me in line offered to just pay the difference so the homeless man got his beer and line moved on. And that was that. He left and everyone went on with their lives…it really made me think though…

Look what I can do

I changed my template. The other one was getting old and yes I realize this isn’t a big change…basically the same one with different colors…I know how to do it now though. Of course Joel helped me BUT I figured out where to put the code for my links all by myself *grin*. So yeah, the picture is temporary as well but the other was was getting old as well. So now that I know how to do it look for many more fun changes in the future *smile*

Oh the house…

We are finally back in the house! woo hoo! …ok so we have been back for awhile but honestly I haven’t really felt like blogging. There isn’t a whole lot for me to say really. I’m loving that I get to spend time with Joel, we have so much fun together. Other than him though things have been a bit blah and I’ve been pretty grumpy. There are several reasons why plus I’ve been kinda sick off and on lately. But hopefully all the stuff will resolve itself soon. My mood has improved over the last couple days actually anyway so things are starting to look up. Over all life is good and I will try to find interesting things to blog about more regularly. Until next time *smile*

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