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Month: November 2009

My beef with Peta

I was listening to talk radio the other day and they were discussing Peta’s recently rejected ad campaign.

‘Grace’: PETA’s Thanksgiving ad

All that stuff in the ad? It’s true. The way animals bred for food are treated is disgusting. I say this because there was a caller that said if that stuff was actually true she couldn’t enjoy her Thanksgiving turkey. Sorry lady, it’s all true. The meat we eat comes from animals that are so mistreated it’s almost unbelievable. I literally could not finish watching certain videos. It was that sickening. And Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite filmmakers. Just saying.

Not to mention the fact that our food is pumped so full of hormones and chemicals it’s causing all kinds of health problems. Plus, these animals live in so much filth that they actually consume their own feces. *gag* If you really think about it, eating meat is disgusting and actually pretty bad for you.

Well Abigail, you must be a vegan or at least a vegetarian if you truly feel this way, right? Actually no, I’m not. It’s not because I love steak so much (although I do). Or my cravings for cheese pizza are so overwhelming (sometimes they are). I could get over that. Actually, Joel and I both went vegan for 30 days. During this month period I realized why I can’t be a vegan and why Peta has it all wrong.

The problem with Peta is they’re focusing so much on the mistreatment of animals. They hope that, just by presenting people with the facts, it will change their minds. Then people will see the light and magically love all animals and move into a forest and skip around singing happy tunes while birds perch on nearby branches. Right.

Some people won’t care at all. Others will. Those that feel guilty will try to cut out some of their meat dishes. Maybe eat more salad for awhile. But I think we all know, one can only live on salad for so long. Eventually they’ll crave protein and head to their local Whole Foods (if they’re lucky enough to have one). When they get there they’re going to take one look at the price of tofu and decide maybe hamburger isn’t so bad for them and their 7 kids.

Because in the end money talks. For the average person budgeting their time and money, a vegetarian (or dare I say vegan) lifestyle isn’t that realistic. This is why more people, including myself are not vegan. It’s hard. Especially if you do any kind of traveling. I did it as a flight attendant and, unless I planned ahead and cooked my meals in advance, I found myself at the airport eating a side salad, potato chips and juice. Again. I’m sorry but I am not good at planning ahead, especially when it comes to food. I do cook from time to time but, the closer it comes to ready made, the better in my opinion.

Joel and I eat out a lot. Definitely too much. It’s a fault and it’s something I’m working on. However, no matter how much better I get at planning meals and actually following through and cooking them, I’m positive there are going to be times when I’d just rather order in. Or we’ll be on a road trip. Or whatever. Fact is, it’s tricky to find good, filling vegetarian options that are quick and easy. God forbid you’re trying to find something that’s vegan! Now, Whole Foods has a bunch of vegan options that are actually really delicious. But every time we shop there I do a double take at our bank account as to whether I just went grocery shopping or made a car payment. We are not rich. And if we shop at Whole Foods too often we might actually have to choose between food and a car.

What I’m trying to say in the longest way possible is, if Peta is truly serious about animal welfare, they need to stop trying to treat the symptoms and focus on the disease. Stop trying to shut down the slaughter houses. It will never happen as long as the quickest, easiest food options come from there! They need to focus on making vegan food accessible to everyone. They need to find a way to make it cheap. I’m talking McDonald’s cheap. Because seriously, do people eat at McDonald’s because it tastes good? No, they eat there because it’s fast, easy and dirt cheap. Only then will veganism become mainstream. Until Peta figures this out, veganism will continue to be only for the rich, self-sacrificing or ultra organized.

Unfortunately, I don’t fall into any of those categories.

“I might have broken something.”

“I might have broken something.”

I get this text as I’m walking out the door to pick Joel up from work. Joel works in a warehouse. Ladders, heavy duty equipment, large appliances, sharp things. My first thought is “thank God we have insurance” followed immediately by a mental image of spending a long night in the ER. Because the fact that we don’t have socialized medicine makes our emergency rooms super fast and efficient (not!).

Now the hope thought crossed my mind that he could be talking about a piece of equipment or merchandise. But why would he have phrased the text that way then? He had to know it would scare me. Plus, wouldn’t it be obvious if he had broken, say, a tv? So I went immediately back to panicking.

At this point I’m already out the door, phone and puppy in hand, desperately waiting for a response to my: “Broke something in the store or on your body?” text. I brought the puppy because I figured if we were going to be out all night in the ER she should get the chance to go potty first.

By the time I get out of the building and in the grass, hurriedly begging Phoebe to “Go potty, please!”, I’ve sent another text, or two.

How can he not have responded yet?!

Oh my god, this must mean he’s hurt. Otherwise my kind, thoughtful husband would never leave me worried and hanging like this. I start to picture what may have happened. Did he fall off something? Did something fall on him? Is it just a break or is he bleeding too? He was ok enough to text me so at least he’s conscious. But what if he’s not now and that’s why he hasn’t responded?

Good grief Dog, of course you pick now to poop! I pick it up as fast as possible and literally run to the dumpster. I try to open the lid and throw it in but fail and drop the bag on the ground. While bending over to pick it up, I may have gotten my scarf in dumpster juice. *gag*

Finally I get in the car. At this point it’s been 20 minutes. Ok more like two. But my imagination is still going and I’ve worked myself nearly into tears. Maybe we can sue the store, err, get workman’s comp.

The windows are foggy but I’m not waiting. I have a hurt husband waiting for me and if I run you over on my way to get him well, better take down my license plate number. Our neighbor, out walking her dog, may or may not have had to jump out of my way. Uh, sorry.


A text!

He’s conscious thank God!

“No. Lol. I may have broken the back dock door ramp thing.”


I’m crying over a damn door?

Now I’m mad.

Well, he may not have broken a bone but when I get done with him… we may be making a trip to the ER after all.

Happy Birthday, Joel!


Dear Joel,

This last year was a good one. We’ve grown so much together and I have fallen more in love with you than ever. We had many adventures including a last minute weekend trip to The Netherlands. It was the first time we’d been there together in almost four years. It was so fun revisiting the country with you and watching my Dutch family love you just as much as ever. I love how spontaneous we are together.

Speaking of spontaneous, our biggest adventure by far was our trip down to Australia to see the premiere of Star Trek. That was one of the best trips of my life, I’m so glad we took it together. Thank you for being such a big nerd that you traveled to the opposite side of the world just to see a movie.

We tried going to Africa together but couldn’t get the funds. Don’t worry, it will all come together when it’s time. In a way, I’m kind of glad it didn’t work out since we  have decided to try to go to India next year instead. This has been my dream since I was young and there is no one I’d rather go with.

Our newest adventure has been our puppy dog. I love watching you love on her and play with her. I know it’s been a challenge and she’s tried both of our patience but she’s turning into a wonderful dog. Thank you for sticking it out with me and not selling her on ebay.

You are my very best friend and I love you so much. I even looked forward to standing outside on a freezing cold November night waiting for the midnight release of the Star Trek movie on Blu-ray. See, I love you enough that I’m turning into a nerd with you and I even like it. How appropriate it is that Star Trek is released on your birthday. I’m pretty sure Star Trek doesn’t have a bigger fan.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays. I look forward to celebrating many, many more with you.

Live long and prosper my love.


I Have Decided

I can believe what I choose to and that’s ok.

I don’t have to have a perfectly flat stomach to go swimming in a bikini.

It’s ok to be juvenile sometimes. I’m an adult but it’s ok to giggle about things like a “parking in rear” sign.

I choose not to believe anything too sacred to be questioned.

Family is the most important. Friends, even ones you truly think will always be there for you, come and go. Family is forever.

Having a college degree doesn’t define worth.

I will no longer hide who I am. If you don’t like me because of what I think or how I feel then you aren’t worth the time it takes me to worry about it.

I need to slow down and focus on the moment. I don’t need to be doing three things at once all the time.

I can achieve anything if I want it badly enough. I just have to really want it.

While I love a good debate, some people will never hear what I have to say. Their minds are made up and facts don’t matter to them. I choose to no longer engage with those types of people.

It’s not about the number on the scale, it’s about how my clothes fit and how I feel when I look in the mirror.

Life is too short to worry about every little detail being perfect.

I am a very lucky girl. I have the most wonderful, caring, loving husband a girl could dream of. I need to make sure he realizes how much he means to me every single day.

Awareness Test

I love stuff like this despite the fact that I failed miserably at this one. How did you do?

Who’s afraid of the big bad internet?

I was informed by E’s dad yesterday that they don’t want her pictures “out there” on the internet. I had already posted the previous post so I have now password protected it. If you would like the password you can email me: abigail [at] It’s their kid and they can raise her however they want. I admit I am frustrated because such a big part of my life is blogging. Since I don’t like the idea of password protecting many more of my posts E just can’t be a part of my online life. Oh well, I’ve got plenty of adorable nephews for my kiddo fix until Joel and I decide to have our own. I guarantee our kids’ pictures are going to be all over my blog. *smile*

Edit: I received a letter asking me to take down the password protected post as well as any references to the parties involved.  I consider this my personal journal, as well as a public blog, so it is now a private post which is viewable only by me. I have also removed all names so there is no identifying information in this post.

My addiction

bowlofpopcornI have a problem. I am addicted to popcorn. I love the stuff a ridiculous amount. If I’m home, I eat it every day. I’ll eat almost any kind of popcorn (except kettle corn, because ew) but the majority of what I eat I make at home with my own little air popper. I pour a half cup of kernels, melt a tablespoon or two of butter to drizzle on, sprinkle on some salt and I am a happy, happy girl. Until recently I was proud of my snack choice. I don’t eat the microwave wave kind that is drenched in oil and fake junk. What I make at home is basically a bowl of vegetables. I mean, it’s corn that is popped. Healthy! I do use butter but a tablespoon only has a hundred calories so it’s not that bad. The thing is, I noticed that after several days of eating an entire batch of popcorn by myself, my clothes started fitting a little tighter. Hm… I looked on the back of the jar of kernels and it said there are 31 calories in a cup of popcorn. I only use half a cup so that can’t possibly be the problem, right? It did seem awfully low though so I did a little research with the help of my friend Google. Oh! That’s 31 calories for a cup of popped popcorn. That’s different. Well how many cups can there really be in a batch? I decided to measure just to make myself feel better.

One, (Wow, not much fits in a cup!)



four,(Maybe it meant for me to pack this popcorn in the cup because there’s not much of a dent in this bowl yet.)




Twenty cups of popcorn in a batch. Oh boy. That’s not hard math, 31 x 20 = 620 calories in my “healthy” snack. That’s not even counting the butter which adds a nice hundred calories or two. So, in total I have been eating 720-800 calories every day as a snack. Dear lord, it’s a wonder I fit into my clothes at all!

Now, those of you who know more about calories and nutrition are probably laughing at my naivety. I probably should have known better since something that big and delicious couldn’t possibly have been a low calorie snack. It was fun while it lasted. I’m still going to enjoy the occasional bowl of popcorn because it’s way too good to give up altogether. However, I have learned once again that everything is good in moderation. Even a “vegetable” like popcorn.

A Day at the Zoo

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