sorry! lol. I definitely could blame it on the fact that I’ve been working like a crazy person since I started my job but mostly it’s just the fact that any time I have at home I spend with Joel or my family and honestly haven’t been on the computer much at all. Since it’s been an entire month since I’ve updated I’ll give you all the scoop on what’s been going on in my life.

My job’s going really well. I like almost everyone I work with (and the ones that I’m not crazy about are tolerable so it’s all good) and am learning all the positions very quickly. Sometimes it’s a little embarrassing that I’m 20 and working at Fazoli’s…especially considering what the last year and half of my life was like…but it’s fine. I really do enjoy it for the most part and my boss just talked to me and said he wants to start training me as a manager so that’ll be great. At least, it’s not so bad to say you’re a 20 year old manager at a Fazoli’s as opposed to just an associate. Plus, there should be a decent pay raise that goes along with it so that’ll help with my future plans.

And that’s honestly been my life. I miss The Netherlands a lot…I miss my host family tons, I miss riding my bike everywhere and just taking the train places and going out. There is nowhere I can go out here! The whole 21 rule is ridiculous. I just want to go in and say ” hey, I lived in Europe where I could drink for a year and a half and never did so just let me hang out in your bar, I’m not going to drink for heavens sake!” But oh well, it’s not like there’s any nice places to go out in Indiana really anyway, lol. It definitely annoys me though.

The only thing that I don’t miss about The Netherlands is the weather. We’ve had some rainy days here but spring is right around the corner and this year I know it’s actually going to come instead of just pretending to for a couple months, having a couple nice days and then turning to fall weather, lol. That was the only bummer about living there. I mainly miss my family there though. It still feels like home and the feeling like I should be going back there pretty soon is just barely starting to wear off…

Hmm…what else? I’m going to Christy Inama’s small group on Sunday nights now which I really enjoy. I need some girl friends, lol. I love spending time with Joel but I need girly interaction too. So this is definitely fun for me. It’ll be nice when Joel and I have our own place so that we can have people over and stuff. Right now I don’t have a car or any real place for people to hang out so it really kills any potential social life. For those of you who pray, we could use some about getting an apartment because everything that’s open now and in the near future is either really junky or too expensive. We could afford the more expensive ones but it wouldn’t leave much over and since we want to save up money and have a nice wedding and move next year we really should get something cheaper.

Speaking of wedding, those plans are still up in the air. I think Joel posted some of our ideas a little while ago and they haven’t changed much. I’m meeting with my Gramma Saturday to look at different dresses since she’s going to be making my dress and I want to show her what I like. She’s done, I think all or most of my aunt’s and uncle’s weddings and I’m so excited that she wants to make my dress, she does beautiful work. Honestly, I’ve always said that’s the most important part (besides the guy obviously) to me. I just want a big beautiful white dress and the rest isn’t as important. I’m sure we’ll get it all figured out and with Joel and I both working practically 24-7 it’s looking more like a reality.

We still really need a car. However in the meanwhile we both got bikes! They’re so fun looking. I’ll get a picture soon and post it cuz they’re really cool, I’m very excited about them. Now all we need is nice enough weather…that and more sidewalks but I’m just spoiled, hehe.

Ok, well I guess that’s it for now. I will really try to post more often, although it still won’t be as regularly as it used to be when I didn’t have a job. Until next time *smile*