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I got a job

at Fazoli’s, woo hoo! Ok, so it’s not the world’s most glamorous or well paid job but it’s something and it’s full time. I’m excited. The Fazoli’s in Valpo where I’ll be working is really nice and all the workers have always been incredibly helpful and friendly. Plus their turtle cheesecake is soooooo good! It’s seriously one of my favorite desserts. Period. And now I get a 50% discount on it, hehe. Anyway, This should definitely help towards a wedding and other expenses. It was definitely a humbling experience after living on the other side of the world and being totally independant from my parents to have to ask my dad for money, but no more… not often anymore, hehe.

So yeah, I now have two jobs, one at The Caring Place and the one I got today. Wednesday Joel and I are doing a presentation for our Caring Place job at Valparaiso High School. It’s the whole senior class, which should be interesting since it’s my old high school. However, seeing as I haven’t gone there in three years and pretty much all my friends were my age and older it’s doubtful I’ll see anyone I know or more importantly would remember me. That’s ok though, it should still be fun.

Hm…that’s about it as far as my job life is concerned. I start next Tuesday at Fazoli’s so we’ll see how that goes. Until next time *smile*

“I Should’ve Told You”

Today I was hitting the “next blog” button and found an interesting new blog in the same spirit as Postsecret (which I am thoroughly addicted to, by the way). I Should Have Told You deals specifically with regret and is quite sad. I hope to always live my life so that I’ll never feel like I missed an opportunity to say something that should’ve been said…

A little chuckle for ya…

First day on the job

I got a job working for The Caring Place as a role player and today I did my first performance. Joel did it with me which was nice especially since we went into the middle school to educate them about sexual harrassment. We did three short improv skits showing the difference between sexual harrassment and flirting. In between, our cordinator, Erin led a disscussion with the kids about exactly what sexual harrassment is and what they should do about it. It went really well and Joel and I both had fun. What a great job, helping people and getting paid for it…who would’ve thought! lol


My first real job was here and I loved it. It was the best first job ever. Now it’s closed and they’re going to knock the whole building down pretty soon…*sigh*

Thoughtful lady

Just something I found while cleaning out my stuff the other day. This I drew in ninth grade art class. More to come *smile*

Happy Birthday, Mom!

You mean the world to me. I’m so glad that our relationship has grown from mother, daughter into great friends. You are one of the best friends I’ve ever had. I love you!



Just like most of the rest of you I had a ton of good food over this past holiday season. While I definitely enjoyed it I did NOT enjoy the fact that almost none of my clothes fit afterwards! Since we’ve been experiencing some unseasonably warm weather up here in Indiana, Joel and I have made it our habit to go walking just about every day. There’s a walking track about a quarter of a mile from my house :

And so we walk down there and then walk around it two or three times and then back to the house, which equals around two or three miles…..

SO after about a week and a half of that and Taekwondo three times a week all my clothes are fitting quite nicely again. Yea! *smile*


I used to be one, notice emphasis on used! Today I cleaned out all my boxes that I had put up in the attic over the years…

Yes, you are looking at about ten years worth of accumulated school papers, drawings, pictures, shells, rocks, nic-nacs…you get the picture. Basically a ton and a half of junk, 16 boxes worth to be exact! Today (with Joel’s help) I drug it all down out of the attic and did a massive house cleaning. Here’s how it looked about halfway through:

At this point I did say that I was done, I quit, this was a bad idea and I was going to bed (even though it was only about 5pm). Joel, being the loving fiance that he is, told me to take a break and then helped motivate me back into finishing. So, twelve hours, three trash bags and one Goodwill bag later…

drum roll please…

Down to only six boxes. Period. Honestly it wasn’t that horrible. I found a lot of pictures, letters, drawings and things that I hadn’t seen in ages. It was a nice trip down memory lane and my final step into pack-ratlessness…Good deal, huh?

My desktop

I miss her so much…I miss all of them, my whole Dutch family. I miss The Netherlands in general. It’s still strange for me to go into the city and hear everything in English. I’m just used to hearing Dutch whenever I’m in a big city…I miss Dutch so much I downloaded an updated version of Itunes today and when given the option I downloaded it in Dutch. My MSN instant messenger is still in Dutch…lol. I don’t know. It’s not that I don’t like being home because I do. There are just so many things I miss….*sigh* So yeah,
the USA is my home again and I’m happy about that but The Netherlands will always hold a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to see my Dutch family again. *grin*

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