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Month: February 2006

Oh the Japanese…

Flash Video provided by The Idle

I watched this about 18 times, it’s so halarious! Don’t worry, most of it is in English but for that one part, if anyone *cough* Ormo *cough* speaks Japanese, I’d love to know what the guy’s saying. Enjoy!

**You’ll need the newest flash player to view this video, if you don’t have it you can download it here free.**

Please do this

Hey Everyone, I just found the most interesting thing. It’s called a Johari Window. It’s super quick but I’d be really interested to see how you all would describe me especially with the different ways I know all of you. Some of you I’ve known for years and have spent a lot of time with and others I’ve never even have met in person but you’ve read my blog and I’ve read yours for months so it’s like we know each other. Anyway, it’ll just take a second of your time and you can even create your own if you’d like and I promise I’ll answer it for you. Just click on the link above *smile* THANKS!

Happy Anniversary

to us! *smile* We’ve been a couple for one whole year today, yea!

Finally a day off!

Nine. hour. shifts…that’s what I’ve had just about every day since I started working at good old Fazoli’s. It’s been crazy! I’m not complaining at all, I just totally didn’t expect it. When I worked at AMC (the only job I could really compare to this one) it was a struggle to get hardly any hours at all because they just weren’t busy enough. Fazoli’s on the other hand is quite busy a lot of the time and they’re understaffed right now. Enter me. I’m a great worker, I’m not bragging or trying to sound like I think too highly of myself or anything, I just am. I love my job already. I’m such a huge people person and that’s what I get to do most of the day. They’ve had me running the cash registers the past four days that I’ve been working and it’s really fun for me. It’s a blast. Plus, we’re doing a fundraiser for Riley’s Children’s Hospital. They started it back in January and we’ve already raised about a $1,000 for them. It’s pretty neat. Anyway, come to find out there was some kind of contest for whoever sold the most. After four days of working guess who’s in the lead, lol. Yeah, me. Craziness! That’s what I like doing though, I love talking to customers and I love selling things. So yeah, I love my job but it’s pretty tiring and I’m loving my nice weekend off, woo hoo! (Gonna love the paycheck too, hehe)

St. Louis

Well, my trip went really well. It was great seeing everyone again and we all had a really fun time hanging out together and seeing the city and everything. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

What is St. Louis famous for? The Gateway Arch of course. Here are a couple different views of it from our city tour.

We also had a great time with the kids who seemed to have a good time with us as well *smile*

Ava and Joel chillin’ on the couch

Ava and Aidan playing in their super cool ball pit.

Aidan being silly, hehe.

Sunday was, of course, the Super Bowl. And I actually watched the whole thing this year…

…ok sorta, lol. I was glad the Steelers won though, yea! *smile*

Ava and I having fun *smile* notice Ava’s Chicago Bears outfit…raising ’em up right *wink*

Well, that’s it for the pictures. Joel and I both really enjoyed getting away for the weekend and seeing family. Hopefully we’ll be back again soon. *smile*

Dutch daytime TV

Call-TV…maar dan anders

Ah, I miss it…lol. Unfortunately very few of you will be able to fully appriciate it. Oh well, I thought it was pretty funny so check it out! *smile*

Loving Mommy

I’m so proud of my sister, she’s such a great mom. *smile*

I am an…

What kind of jewel are you? Amethyst

You are the epitome of loveliness. Your friends secretly hope to learn from you what makes you so beautiful, both inside and out.

Personality Test Results

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I thought it was interesting even though I don’t usually post stuff like this but there’s a first time for everything right? Anyway, today I’m off to St. Louis, but don’t worry I have posts set to post tomorrow and Sunday so you won’t be bored. *wink* Have a good weekend everyone and I’ll let you all know how my trip went when I get back *smile*

Hear Me Out

Possibly one of the most fun get-to-know-you games of all time and they don’t make it anymore. I’ve looked everywhere including online and it’s just not available *sniff sniff*

Current Obsessions:

1. Alias

I have to admit the show did not interest me when I saw some of the first season. My mom and my siblings rented the first season and after watching parts of the episodes I thought it was mildly interesting at best and kind of cheesey at worst. Either way it wasn’t worth my time, in my opinion.

Then one evening Joel had a headache and went to bed at 6pm and I had the house to myself. My family was on the third season by this point and so, lacking anything better to do, I stuck it in the dvd player. I was hooked. The third season is absolutely amazing! The rest is history. Just to give you an idea of how rediculous the addiction is, Joel and I watched the entire fourth season (22 episodes plus bonus features) in about three days. And since I don’t have t.v. I have to wait until season five comes out on dvd, probably not until next October, grrrrr

2. Su Doku

This is one I tried to avoid…I really did. I know how I get with brain games like these. I love them. Since I’m seriously trying to cut back on time wasting *cough* watching 25 hours of t.v. in three days *cough* I simply avoided looking into this at all. I was doing really well until I went over to Matt and Christy’s and played this…lol. After that, I of course went to the store and picked up a book of Su Doku puzzels. All I can say is, I’m trying to limit the number I do each day. At this point that’s as good as it gets.

3. Craisins

Not only are they delicious but they’re naturally fat free…that’s all, they’re just yummy!

4. Friends

This is a given with me. I’ve loved the show since I was, um, I’d say about 12 or 13, so almost since it started. I own all ten seasons plus the Friends Trivia Game and Scene It! Friends Edition. I honestly know more worthless Friends trivia than a person really should, lol. But yeah, it always has been my favorite tv show of all time and I can’t imagine that changing…that is unless they do some kind of reunion show, hehe.

5. iTunes

I just got a ton of new music and I listen to it as much as possible. Plus, when I’m away from my computer I can still listen to my music with my awesome iPod Shuffle, it’s great!

Well, that’s about it for now, I suppose. I’m sure there’s more because when I get interested in something I tend to get really interested in it but this is all I can think of at the time. So there ya go, a little glimpse into the mind of Abigail *smile*

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