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Month: January 2008

How not to be “that” passenger

1. The most important thing you can do is to be nice! You are in our world so treat us well. Seriously, a smile and a few nice words go a really long way. Most of us will practically do back flips for a great customer. On the other hand, if you’re rude, good luck. I’m just saying, when it comes down to it we’re in charge so it’s in your best interest to at least follow the golden rule.

2. I hate when we’re delayed as much as you do. It is just as inconvenient for me as I probably have a layover that’s getting shortened or a connection I have to make as well. Honestly, I want to help out as much as possible but one of the things I can’t do is tell you if you’re going to miss your connection or not. I simply don’t know and there is really no one who can tell me. So, when I say to check the monitors when you get there to see if your flight is gone or not that’s the best I’ve got. Sorry.

3. Try and use the restroom in the concourse and not as soon as you get on the airplane. Airplane lavatories are disgusting in the first place so you’re much better off. More importantly, when there are six people lined up to use the lavatory before take off it makes it very difficult to get essential tasks done and get the plane out on time.

4. If the seatbelt sign is on, seriously don’t get up unless it is an emergency (read: puking, bleeding, etc.). I know you “gotta go” but we truly only have you sit down for your safety. Trust me, telling someone they can’t pee is not something I enjoy doing. However, I’d hate to see you get thrown halfway across the plane. So, just save both of us the frustration and stay seated until that little red light turns off.

5. I’m really bad at reading minds. It’s just not a talent I possess. So, unless you’re my best friend, don’t just say you’d like coffee, tell me how you drink it.

6. Also, when ordering beverages, if you know you only want a few sips of your Coke, tell me and I’ll pour you a glass. It’s very inconvenient when a whole can of liquid is dumped in the trash bag. They aren’t always watertight and nobody likes sticky shoes.

7. While I’m on the subject of trash, just relax about it. There are few things more annoying than someone three aisles down holding up, or throwing trash at me while I’m trying to take care of the person in front of me. Since garbage space on an airplane is limited I usually have a system for how I take trash and not only does random trash being thrown at me mess that up but it also has a tendency to splash on me. Just relax and I’ll get it to it as soon as I get to your row.

8. The galley is the only space I have. I know it’s probably a long flight and it sucks to sit down for hours on end but I don’t have any other place to go. Standing there for a few minutes to stretch your legs is no problem but there are several no-no’s. First of all, absolutely no sitting, lying, or changing diapers on the jump seat. I’m not being possessive it’s actually a FAA regulation and therefore against the law. Secondly, stretching your legs for a minute is fine but having a full out yoga class looks goofy. You can do it but I’m laughing at you on the inside… I’m just saying. Also, don’t stand back there with five of your best buddies and have a party. I want you to have a great time but not in my space. Finally, please don’t bring your screaming baby/toddler back to calm them down. I realize it’s frustrating and I feel for you, I really do, but it’s my only place to go so please try and calm them down from your seat.

9. We are all adults here. Yes, those stupid economy seats are small and it’s a tight fit. No, I will not tell the person in front of you to put their seat back up. They have every right to put it back since they paid for that seat. But if you’re eating or really need some extra space for some reason be a grown up and ask them to sit up yourself.

10. I realize when you’ve been on an airplane for hours your belongings can get a bit spread out. However, use the time before we land to put all your things back where they need to be. The worst possible time to repack everything you own is after everyone has already deplaned. We can’t leave until you do and trust me, we’re just as excited to be off the airplane as anyone. So when the Captain says, “Flight attendants, prepare for landing.” take that as your cue, gather your things, check your seat pockets and zip those bags so we all can get where we need to be.

The 2007 Darwin Awards

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, this site is good for a few giggles. As my aunt always said, stupid people shouldn’t breed…

The 2007 Darwin Awards

Seven Things

This is a forward that I’ve seen on several people’s blogs and I’ve decided to steal it. These are just seven interesting pieces of trivia from my life that all happen to relate to my job. Enjoy!

1. I get paid to stay in the nicest hotels, eat the most delicious food, see some of the most amazing places in the world, and meet lots of incredibly interesting people every day.

I love my job. Not many people can honestly say that. I however believe that being a flight attendant is the most glamorous, fun, exciting, adventurous, fabulous job there is and I can’t imagine doing anything else at this stage in my life.

2. I now answer to “Miss” as if it was actually my first name.

I also answer to “Ma’am”, “Lady”, “Hey You” and pretty much whatever else you can think up. I’ve actually turned my head to these various names even when I’m not working.

3. My new current project is mastering crossword puzzles.

Hey, with hours upon hours to kill in the air and on layovers it’s either that or get addicted to tabloids…although if I’m completely honest I have to admit I read my fair share of gossip magazines as well. It’s one of my guilty pleasures.

4. I am now a pro at cat napping.

My sleeping habits are crazy… as in, I don’t really have any. I suppose on a “normal” day at home* in D.C. I will probably sleep until 2 in the afternoon. Of course, I don’t go to bed until 4am so it evens out. It’s quite inconvenient actually since most of the world doesn’t operate on that schedule and it makes it difficult to get things done. However, it’s when I actually have a trip assignment when things get really interesting. I have had times where I’ve gotten a call at 1am (still awake of course), for a 7am check-in, which basically means two or three hours of sleep tops. Somehow it works out though. I’ll grab ten minutes of sleep in a chair here and an hour there until it’s time to go to bed and I have slept for up to fourteen hours solid. Amazingly, I function just about the same either way. I don’t get it but so far it seems to work.

5. *I call everywhere home, and yet I feel like no where really is.

I might have been in a hotel just long enough to throw my bags in there but coming back I’ll say I’m going home. Doesn’t matter. It’s a big adjustment living out of my suitcase, only unpacking long enough to wash the clothes and repack them again and never being in one place for more than a couple days at a time. Plus, my apartment isn’t really home to me. I’m still sleeping on an air mattress in an apartment that has no furniture. So everywhere is home and no where is all at the same time. It’s so worth it though!

6. I understand Dutch.

And I really have no excuse as to why I haven’t gotten Dutch qualified (meaning I take a test so my airline knows I speak it and get paid extra for flying certain trips). I have yet to get a trip to Amsterdam so I can see my wonderful host family that I miss like crazy. Yes, it’s luck of the draw if you’re just a normal reserve but if I would just take the test I could definitely get there fairly often since there are open language positions all the time. *sigh* Gotta get on that!

7. Almost every flight I take I get some comment about my age.

Ok, I look young. On average people say I look about 16. I’m ok with that really, but I have to admit that: “So, how old are you?” and “Are you old enough to work here?” do get a little old sometimes. Oh well, as I usually tell whatever “clever” person who made the comment, when I’m 40 and I finally look 21 I’ll really enjoy it. *grin*

There you have it. Now when Trivial Pursuit – The Life and Times of Abigail is finally released you’ll have an edge on the general public. I’m not tagging anyone specifically for this little forward but if you feel the urge to share some of your personal trivia please feel free to drop me a comment and let me know.

No Starving People Here…

A friend of ours from training saw Zed’s Ethiopian Cuisine on The Food Network. It is owned by an Ethiopian lady and is well known in the area as being good, authentic Ethiopian cuisine. It is in Georgetown in D.C. and is frequented by many famous and important people including Hilary Clinton. The inside did not strike me as authentic Ethiopian but the food did not disappoint.


Inside of Zed’s

Now, I’ve always wanted to try Ethiopian food because not only had I heard it was good food, but the whole dinner is an experience in itself. For those of you who have never had Ethiopian food, here are some pictures so you can see how it works.

Waitress at Zed’s

The food is served family style on a common platter. It is served over a spongy, flat bread called injera. The injera is also served on the side and you tear off small pieces of it and use it to scoop up your food.

How you eat

Here, Kelly demonstrates how it’s done.

Half the Group

This is one half of the table, Dane, Christian, who found the restaurant for us, and Kelly.

On and Me

On and Me!

Anna is Silly

Anna is silly!

The food was delicious and the company was fabulous.

The Whole Group

Here is the group of us.
Since the restaurant had pictures of all the famous people that ate there on their walls I’ll be sending in our picture soon because we are clearly the most famous people ever to eat there… or at least the most important.

On the way home we also had some fun on the metro which started because Kelly pointed out how she was too short to hold onto the handrail on the ceiling and keep her feet on the ground.

Kelly’s too short

I joined the fun because I am also too short for them. I look a little like I’m doing an Irish jig.

Being Goofy

And yes, we are all twenty-something adults.

Good friends, good food, good times.

Night on the Town

Last night I had a much needed night out. Highlights of the night:*Margaritas and girl talk with Kelly at T.G.I. Fridays.*Meeting up with the rest of the group at the 11th street lounge in Clarendon.*Walking around town with no coats in the middle of January. Yeah, we’re geniuses. We almost turned into human popsicles but our coats didn’t smell like smoke.*Birthday shots!*Drinking approximately four liters of water at the second bar. I was thirsty…*White Russians and 1/4 of American Psycho at Kurt’s house after closing down the pub. Stupid dvd player.*Pictures!Cute CoupleCute coupleGlamour poseVogueingGirls out on the townThe GirlsBirthday Kids!Brian and I. We were both celebrating our birthdays.Birthday ShotDown the hatch.Kelly and Me!Yeah. We’re hot, we know… *wink*Good times. Ladies, we need to do this much more often!

My Japanese Birthday

I turned 22 this year, and since anyone who knows me knows I don’t do anything halfway I decided to do it in Japan. Ok, so the crew desk technically decided that for me but I wasn’t about to argue. Plus, since I started my birthday in Japan and flew home I got a 38 hour birthday!

My crew was so awesome. Our purser was like number 300 seniority which is…about 16,000 people senior to me! She was probably the best purser I’ve had so far. Plus, they somehow found out it was my birthday in time to get a card that the whole crew signed for me. The purser also gave me a really pretty id lanyard.

What a great birthday!

I look like a senior mama now, haha.

I also got to try the “Zen” meal on the plane which was very interesting.

Zen Meal

Notice the whole fish, head and all in the middle of the plate there? Mmmmm.

Once I got to Narita was when the real fun began though. I got a four hour nap on the plane so once I got there I decided to just change clothes and hit the ground running. Now, Narita is a little village about an hour train ride outside of Tokyo so pretty much the only reason people go there is because of a layover. As a result, at any given time there are about a zillion airline crew members there, so I knew I could find a good time. Anyway, I hadn’t even left the hotel before I met some ANA cargo pilots who invited me to join them. We had so much fun, but I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking for me.

ANA pilots and me

These were my pilots for the evening, John, Matt and Jorgen (Chad was taking the picture) at the delicious Italian restaurant they took me to.

Happy Birthday to Me

Birthday Dessert

They were so sweet. They told the restaurant it was my birthday and they all sang to me. This dessert was scrumptious, by the way.

When we finished dinner Chad hit the road since he had to fly in the morning. We then did a tour of all the night spots in Narita.

The Jet Lag Club

Thank you for getting drunk

First we went to The Jet Lag Club for a drink. I told you this town was all about the airlines.

The Barge Inn

Next was The Barge Inn. The story I was told about this pub is it was founded by Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Atlantic. The name is because of how the Japanese tend to pronounce Virgin…Barge Inn, get it? Whether that’s truly how it got it’s name or not I don’t know but I think it’s funny. Plus, it’s a nice pub to hang out in and they usually have live music so it’s a really neat atmosphere.

We left there and on our way to our next destination the clock struck midnight.


It was officially my birthday, yay!

Our destination was The Cage, which is a tiny karaoke bar.

The Cage

It’s named the cage because the inside looks like this.

First time karaoke

This was my first time singing karaoke and what better place to do it than Japan?!

Japanese Beer

Me? Drink beer? Yeah… I tried but even Japanese beer which is not too bad, is not my thing, sorry.

Finally, we decided to call it a night and when we came out it was so beautiful outside.

Snow in Narita

Apparently , it almost never snows there so this was a treat.

Honestly, this whole birthday was a treat and the best part was when Joel completely surprised me by being outside of customs with a beautiful rose when I arrived in D.C. I thought he was in Chicago! Thank you everyone for all the comments, messages and emails. You have all made this a very special birthday for me. *smile*


Welcome to my new blog!
Sky Waitress

On May 21st, 2007 I began my journey as a sky waitress, otherwise known as a flight attendant. I can’t imagine a more exciting job. On this blog I plan to catch you up on my journey so far and keep you updated on my many exciting trips and adventures. You only live once, and this is how I’m doing it.


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