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Month: March 2011

A lifetime in seconds

The ring of a phone.

An unexpected name on the caller id.

Since my name starts with A-b, I generally expect unexpected calls to be butt dials. Happens a lot.

That moment of hope that it’s not. It’d be nice to hear from them.


And then that awful return hello. The moment you know this call was no accident. They’re about to give you bad news.

And the world stops.

An impossible amount of time passes. Yet no time passes. How can so much time fit into a breath? Not even a breath because in that moment you’ve forgotten how to breath.

It’s the longest, most horrible moment. How can so many tragic possibilities run through a brain in a split second? How can every person you love flash through your head in less time than it takes to finish the word hello?

And even still there’s that hope that it’s nothing. Even while your stomach drops through your feet and you try to remember what inhaling is for there’s still that glimmer that it’s all okay.

And then it’s not.

Everything is not okay and the world freezes. You hear the news and there’s nothing but the echoing of the words.

Then just as suddenly everything comes unfrozen and time makes up for lost time.

But that instant, right before bad news? How can an entire lifetime pass in less time than you can take a breath?

Two years old already

My little baby is two years old today.

I can’t believe she’s so grown up already. Almost overnight she’s mellowed out so much. She’s never been super hyper but she definitely was testing boundaries for awhile. Typical teenage girl stuff. Hehe.

Yes I just called my dog a teenage girl. Shut up.

But she was a huge brat for awhile and I definitely did not consider finding a new home for her.


But now she’s becoming the amazing dog she was when we first got her. She is such a part of our family now, it feels wrong when she’s not around.

So, for her birthday I’ve given her a few too many treats, took her for a nice long walk in the beautiful kinda sorta spring like weather and we’ve snuggled on the couch for hours.

I’m pretty sure we both had a really good birthday.

Happy 2nd birthday, Phoebe.

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