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Month: September 2008

A day at the apple orchard

I love fall. I love wearing sweatshirts and jeans. I love the colored leaves and how they sound when they crunch under my feet. One of my favorite things to do when fall rolls around each year is visit the apple orchard. Our favorite orchard is Garwood’s. This year it became a big family event. And when I say big I mean there were seventeen of us, all family.

The little kids and me walking to pick apples.

My dad and my little brother David on the tractor ride we took out to the apples.

Me and my moms.

The girls: Bekah, Beth, Liz, Me, Julia, Naomi and Cassie.

I couldn’t quite reach some of the apples, haha.

Not only is it the best place to get fresh apples but they have the best doughnuts EV.ER.

We all had tons of fun and by the end of the day we were all pretty tired. Anthony passed out on my shoulder on the way back to the car. Notice the drool. Nice.

I ate so much good food and had such a good time. I love my family so much. We’re big, noisy and sometimes a little late but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I can’t wait for next year!

P.S. For a short little video of our day check out Joel’s blog.

Shouldn’t I at least have done something crazy to feel like this?

It doesn’t happen very often. In fact, it’s only the second time I remember getting this feeling. This morning my alarm went off and, after I hit snooze, I laid back down in bed, took a look around my dark hotel room… and had no idea where I was. Strangely, I could remember what time I had to catch the van downstairs (7:45am) but my exact location in the United States eluded my sleepy brain. My first thought was Oklahoma City but I knew that wasn’t right. I rolled over and looked at the night stand. Ah! Wyndham, downtown Phoenix, there we go. Time to shower.

The entire time I couldn’t remember what city I was in was no more than several seconds, but it got me thinking. When I first started flying, going from one end of the country to the next was novel. I was in Boston one night and LA the next. I couldn’t believe how strange and amazing that was. Growing up I feel like I traveled a good amount but it was always a treat, especially when air travel was involved. Now, less than a year and a half later, I jump on airplanes like they’re buses. I travel from Chicago to DC for the day the way Northwest Indiana Hoosiers go downtown Chicago. The world is at my fingertips and it’s strangely normal to me. I feel like I’ve barely taken advantage of it. I’ve left my travels up to fate and the needs of the “lovely” crew desk. Maybe my memory lapse is my brain’s way of telling me to wake up and really appreciate the gift my job is, despite the fact that it can be less than ideal. Or maybe it’s simply the first sign of dementia… *shrug*

In barbie boot camp (ie. flight attendant training) they said that it would happen but I thought it was silly. I mean, aside from a night of drunken irresponsibility how could you wake up not knowing where you were? I went a fairly long time before it first happened to me. One by one, classmates of mine would say it happened to them and I would secretly think myself somehow mentally superior or better organized or something. Then one day it was me. Funnily enough I don’t remember what city I was in the first time I woke up and had no idea where I was. I guess that’s pretty much perfect.

Waiting in Minnesota

It’s been awhile. My life has been significantly less exciting the last couple of months. One really good thing is my transfer went through and I am a Chicago based flight attendant now. However, the trips I get out of Chicago are nowhere near as exciting as the ones I was assigned out of DC. My last month in DC (June) I flew three trips: Brussels, Munich and Rome. Ah.mazing!

Since I’ve been in Chicago I haven’t been assigned any international trips. I have seen a whole lot of the good ol’ USA, especially the Midwest, though. In fact, when the scheduler called for my last DC trip (Rome) he even joked he was giving me all the best trips so I’d kick myself for transfering to Chicago where I’ll only have crummy trips. Haha.

Let me clarify, I’m not complaining. There are so many benefits to being based here. I am home on all my days off. I get to see my family and friends way more often. I’m living in the beautiful city of Chicago instead of a boring Virginia suburb. I never have to drive to Baltimore at 3 in the morning again. Plus, not all the flying out of Chicago is bad the great trips are just a little harder to get.

Overall things are really great. I got one of those fancy iPhones, which I am completely addicted to, so I plan to blog much more often. The posts will probably be a lot of random thoughts, rambles and rants like this one so be warned. *wink* I will post some pictures from the last couple of months soon so keep an eye out.

My three hours in MSP is almost over so I have get back to work. Until next time.

Popcorn Festival

I got an unexpected day off so Joel and I joined my family at Valparaiso’s Popcorn festival.

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