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Seventh Anniversary

Joel and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary today. Since our lives have been recently taken over by a tiny dictator…

Give me all your milk!

Give me all your milk!

We didn’t go out or do anything super fancy.

Joel did bring me some beautiful flowers, made me a delicious dinner and poured me my first glass of wine in… over a year, at least. It was really sweet.


I’m not sure how I got so lucky with this amazing guy. He treats me like a queen and is the most amazing dad. I could go on and on but frankly my brain is a bit frazzled and now Wesley is starting to fuss so I won’t.

I’ll just say it’s been a good seven years. This is the start of a completely new chapter in our lives and I’m so excited to see where it takes us. I can’t imagine a better partner for this adventure.

Dying laughing

I love my job. Really. Love it. I often leave quite stressed though.

I hate making mistakes. I hate when people think I made a mistake, especially when I actually did what was supposed to be done.

It’s challenging and the people I work with are fantastic so I love it. I do not, however, love the stress.

Tonight I came home and I was so tense. Joel and I made dinner (side note: another reason I love my job? Today I picked up a pack of uncooked fajita mix from the butcher. The meat, peppers and everything was all cut and seasoned and put together. All I had to do was through it in the pan. Delicious!) and then I sat on the couch to try and relax a little.

Someone tweeted about Damn You Auto Correct and I clicked onto the site. Before I knew it I was crying laughing. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath, my stomach hurt and tears were running down my cheeks. I laughed for a good 30 minutes while scrolling through old posts. I calmed down a little and thought grapes sounded delicious for dessert. I went back to read and almost literally died from choking on the grapes while laughing.

Word of advice, grapes? About the most dangerous things you can eat while reading something hysterically funny.

Thankfully I didn’t die and I feel sooo much more relaxed. It’s just amazing what a good laugh can do. Sometimes it’s hard to find something that will make me laugh that much. I do know that not even a glass of wine relieves that much stress or makes me feel so relaxed.

I’m now ready to do things all over again at work tomorrow. But first? Bed.

The morning after Beaujolais

The first thing I notice is my mouth. My inner lips are stuck to my teeth and when I try to swallow I realize I’m not working with any moisture.

I crack open my eyes and am struck by how incredibly bright our bedroom gets. Is it always this bright in here? Jeeze.

Well, maybe the brightness is normal. I wouldn’t notice since I generally get up at 3am. However, this spinning is definitely not normal. Ugh.

I can feel my heart racing. I can feel it pounding throughout my body.

Except for my face as that is still numb.

Then I notice my eyes, I didn’t take my makeup off last night. Now I feel the crusty mascara just sitting on my eyelashes making them feel too heavy to keep open.

Or maybe it’s hard to keep them open because of the brightness and the spinning.

Although the room still spins when they’re closed. I can’t win.

I must get water.

That is the first thing I say to my poor responsible husband. I say poor because I may have accompanied that with a slight shove to help him wake up.

I get water and it’s a slight relief. An entire liter later and I see have slight cotton mouth. I’m working on my second liter now.

After my first chug of water I feel my stomach turn. All of the sudden I have to swallow way too much. Uh oh, I know what that usually means. I warn Joel of possible trouble of the revisiting last night’s wine sort.

He brings me a bowl.

Thankfully I do not need to use it.

I doze back off, waking only to chug more water.

When my water is finally gone I reach over to check my phone. Um, where is it? Definitely not plugged in next to my bed like it normally is. I hope I didn’t leave it at work. For one whole day I am not walking into that building. I love my job but being there for over 20 hours (16 working) was just a bit too much.

So why did I stay an extra 4 hours? Well, my bosses and coworkers are pretty awesome. Also? There was wine. Lots and lots of delicious wine.

This morning I’m thinking maybe definitely a bit too much of that delicious wine.

I find my phone in the trail that clearly shows my path from door to bed. Starting with my coat and ending with my pants right next to the bed.

I check my messages and luckily there were no work emergencies that required me to come rushing in. Although the way I’m feeling I’m not sure rushing would be possible.

I make it to the couch and beg Joel to bring me food. He makes me pancakes and if I didn’t still kind of feel like puking I would have made out with him. They taste so good.

I lie on the couch all day and doze on and off. Joel tries to get me up several times but staying awake proves impossible.

This was not the relaxing, enjoyable day I planned. I didn’t plan on feeling like I got run over by a train. It’s completely my own fault. You don’t spend 16 hours running around with almost no food and expect to drink almost an entire bottle of wine without consequences.

My bad.

I do love wine but I have a feeling it will be quite awhile before I drink any again.

Cristal and Dom and Krug, oh my!

I don’t drink often. Anymore. When I was an active flight attendant I drank often (although obviously not while on the job). I don’t know what it was exactly. Perhaps it was the simplest mutual activity a bunch of strangers could get together and have fun doing on a consistent basis. Whatever it was I drank more in my three years of flying than at any other point in my life combined. Not that that’s saying much considering I started flying just a few months after I turned 21.

I grew up very conservatively. Because of certain people in my life I chose not to drink when I was a teenager. A lot of it had to do with liking to feel in control of my life at all times. The idea of being out of control because of alcohol wasn’t appealing to me and so even when I lived in Europe where it was legal I chose to stick to Diet Coke while my friends got wasted. I never had any trouble letting loose and having a wonderful time. I didn’t need the alcohol and I was told more than once I was the most fun non-drunk they knew.

On my 21st birthday I had my first drink ever. It was a glass of champagne with a strawberry at the bottom of the glass.

And a love was born.

It took awhile for me to develop a taste for most alcohol. It seemed like forever before I could take a sip of  almost anything without wrinkling my nose. Even longer before I could actually drink anything and truly appreciate the flavor.

Champagne however? No problem. I loved it instantly.

That’s why I was really excited to go to a champagne and sparkling wine tasting tonight. A big part of the appeal was the fact that they would be sampling the champagnes mentioned in the title. I figured, as much as I enjoy the eight or ten dollar bottles of sparkling white wine that I usually drink, how much better must a glass of Cristal be? Or Dom Perignon? At $200++ a bottle they must be amazing right? You’d think but I was never willing to risk hundreds of dollars to find out.

What if I thought is was awful? I mean, I’ve tried beer that people who know about beer say is delicious and could barely choke it down. I was not about to spend hundreds of dollars on something  just to see if I liked it.

So, when I saw a local store was having a tasting that was offering those amazing champagnes along with dozens of others I was super happy that I didn’t have to work early the next morning.

I had so much fun. This was aided of course by the alcohol. Champagne goes straight to my head. Like, literally the first sip I felt the bubbles travel upwards. So good.

Oh and if you’re wondering if I like those expensive champagnes mentioned above? Lets just say that if I had an extra $200- $500 lying around I would know what to do with it. I mean, I would probably put it towards my next trip but now there would be a whole new temptation.

Baby talk

It was the grand opening at the store today. We were so slammed with business it was hard to keep up. Now I’m dead tired. Like, can barely keep my eyes open to type tired. It was great that the store was so busy but it was hard work.

Anyway, I cannot stay coherent enough to type out a full post. Instead, here’s a hilarious reminder that toddlers? Mimic everything.

Made me giggle.

Full of win

Today, as the title of the post says, was full of win.

And also stress.

But mostly win.

Before today, at the store we had one manager for the baristas, cashiers and servers. Now we have three. I’m one of them.


Also? Ack!

I’m not at the same level as the other manager (thank goodness) but I can do all kinds of managery things. The way my personality is I tend to step into a leadership role if no one else has anyway. It does make me nervous to be officially in charge though. If there’s a screw up it’s ultimately my fault. Everyone is learning though and nobody has everything figured out yet so I’m sure there will be grace for any minor mess ups until we have all the kinks ironed out.

The only thing I’m truly nervous about is the money part of it. Gah, I hate math. And numbers. And all numbery mathy type situations. Counting drawers? About the least fun thing ever. Thank God for calculators I guess, right?

Anyway, today was the first “full” day we were open. Eventually our hours will be extended more than what they are right now but there aren’t piles of boxes laying around and everyone is in full agreement that yes, we are in fact open. Yesterday whether we were open or not depended on who you asked. Kind of funny when you think about it.

Oh by the way, this store? Is incredibly fantastic. I can’t say that enough. I can’t wait until everything starts running smoothly. It’s already going better than it did yesterday so that’s encouraging.

Anyway, enough about work.


Oh right that’s basically all my life is right now. Work.

I’m cool with that though. Things will calm down eventually and I’ll get into a rhythm. I do miss being on Twitter all the time. I feel so out of the loop. I’ve made some really great friends on there in the past six months or so. Twitter seriously saved my sanity when I was unemployed and stuck at home almost all the time.

Now I’m at work for most of the day and when I come home I want to focus on Joel for a little while. Then I basically pass out from exhaustion.

Rinse, repeat.

There’s not really any Twitter chat time and that makes me sad. Oh well, such is life as an adult right?

The other win today was literal. The lovely Eileen from Bringing up Bronwyn had a giveway that I entered and I won! I almost never win anything! It made my day because Krust makes the most adorable headbands and other accessories. You must check out her Etsy store because AH-dorable! The hardest thing is going to be picking out just one item.

So, overall it was a good day today. Now that I’ve been home a little while I’m almost completely de-stressed. I have a feeling once I finish this

and snuggle with Joel for a little bit my stress will melt away completely.

I’m going to get on that right now.

I was sad again

Then I had a bottle of wine.

Life is good.

Ok maybe I should figure out what the underlying issue is here. I think wine is not a (good) long term solution. It certainly did the trick this time though.

I want to be happy. My life really is great.

I don’t know what my problem is. ::sigh::

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