You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!


I need some outside opinions. We loooove Phoebe to death. She is such a sweet, good tempered, pretty puppy. The breeders we got her from are great. Ever since I fell in love with her I’ve debated getting another one. If I do I’d love to get it from the same breeder because I’d be more assured it would have a similar temperament to Phoebe. Here is my list of pros and cons:


  • A buddy for Phoebe: I’ve been out of work almost the entire year we’ve had Phoebe. She’s used to having me around all day almost every day. In a couple of weeks I’m going to be (FINALLY) starting a new job. If Phoebe had a little buddy to keep her company she wouldn’t be as lonely when Joel and I are both at work.
  • A new member of our family: I never knew I could love a little creature as much as I love Phoebe. I would love to add to our little family.
  • Another dog to train: I loved training Phoebe. It was a lot of hard work and it was a lot of fun for me. Phoebe has all the basic commands and a lot of tricks down. It would be fun to start fresh on another little puppy.
  • This is the breeders last litter: This is the very biggest reason I feel so much pressure to get one now. I want one from this breeder because I can be confident I’d be getting another great dog.
  • Look at these face!

How can you resist that wittle face?


  • $$$$: This is the biggest one. It isn’t just the initial cost of the dog. It’s also the vet bills, the spaying or neutering, the extra accessories and the puppy classes. We don’t have a lot of extra cash right now. I am finally starting a new job so we’ll have a second income again. It’s still hard to think about spending that much money on something we don’t actually “need” right now.
  • Early puppy phase: I did not enjoy being woken up several times in the middle of the night to whining and crying. I’m not a nice person when I don’t get enough sleep.
  • Housebreaking: The housebreaking sucks. We finally have Phoebe reliably housebroken. Not loving the idea of starting over from scratch. Although we would know better than to try and liter box train it this time. That would probably make things go a lot faster.

So yeah, I’m completely torn. The hugest thing is the money. We probably shouldn’t. But there are a lot of good reasons to get it now. Have I mentioned it’s the breeder’s last litter?! Ugh. Please weigh in and tell me if I’m being totally crazy here.

Also? Look at the adorableness!



Phoning it in


Happy Mother’s Day


  1. I am probably the worst person in the world for this, because if I could swing the cost, I’d have a herd of Papillons.

  2. Niki- “A herd of papillons.” That is both hilarious and awesome. I wish you lived closer and could bring Belle to the papillon play group. 20+ papillons all together = best thing ever.

    Mrs.Notouching- While that is a good point do the benefits increase the more dogs you have? If so, I’m definitely putting it on the pros list.

  3. Just go for it.
    dont let the money (that is if Joel is ok with it too) be the reason.

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