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Losing her place?

Phoebe-faceWe have a fur baby. I know that term is kind of obnoxious to those who don’t have this kind of relationship with an animal. Trust me, I didn’t understand it myself before we found our little fuzz ball.

All it took was a little bit of play and then her curling up and falling asleep in Joel’s lap….

And we completely fell in love with all 2.2 pounds of her. I mean, look at this face, how could you not?

bringing her home

This is her at 8 weeks old on the ride home from the breeder. Gah! So cute! She looks so itty bitty and different here.

She just turned 4 years old on the 4th of March and is 6 pounds of love. She is well behaved (I can’t stand untrained dogs) but she’s also completely spoiled. I really do think of her as our baby.

Phoebe Joel

Now we’re going to bring home a human baby any day now and I’m nervous.

It’s not that she hasn’t been around kids. We give her full run of things when we’re around my nephews and she’s fine around them. They’ve pulled and poked and even body slammed her and she’s barely even shown her teeth. She enjoys playing with them sometimes and when she gets sick of it she retreats to her kennel, jumps up somewhere out of reach or crawls into an adult’s lap.

But in our house she is the princess. She is technically crate trained and we started out wanting her to sleep in there or in the kitchen at nights…. but that only lasted for so long.

Phoebe trapped

Yeah, I’m a complete sucker for that face.

Phoebe bed

She sleeps in bed with us every night. Usually at the foot of the bed but sometimes she decides she wants to cuddle and she’ll curl up in my armpit and I completely melt into a pile of goo.

But now there’s going to be a baby. A human baby. In “her” bed.

Phoebe bassinet

Granted, he has his own bassinet, I think I’ve pretty much decided against bed sharing. I’m not going to lie, a huge reason for that is because I cannot break Phoebe of sleeping in our bed. That really sounds so pathetic. I just can’t stand the crying when we try and get her to sleep anywhere else though. Part of it is sympathy and a part is pure laziness.

Still, there will be a crying infant in “her” room very soon. I just don’t know how she’s going to handle things. She won’t be the center of attention anymore. It kind of makes me sad. Am I super weird for being sad that I’m going to pay more attention to my son than my dog? Maybe don’t answer that.

Another thing I’m worried about is, in order to relieve some stress on our part about who would take care of her while we’re in the hospital, we have decided to take her to stay at my mother-in-law’s until after the baby is born. Now, don’t get me wrong, my mother-in-law is probably her favorite human on the planet. Yes, even more so than Joel or I. They adore each other. But still, she’s going to go away, likely for a couple of weeks, and when she comes home her whole world will be upside down.

I’m honestly having second thoughts about sending her away. The last time she was gone this long was when we were in India. And when we brought her home she promptly peed on our bed. The definition of pissed, I guess.

Phoebe Me

What in the world is she going to do after being gone that long and then coming home to this new thing that will take most of our time, energy and attention?

I really want them to love each other. I have this image of boy’s best friend. I want to hope she’ll be protective of him and patient and love him to death. But I’m afraid she’ll just be resentful and start acting out.

I don’t have very many ideas as to how to get her used to the idea of the new baby. I’ve thought of putting a blanket in bed with Wesley the first day or so and sending it home with my mother-in-law to give to Phoebe. At least that way she’ll be able to kind of get used to his smell. Other than that we’ve been showing her all his clothes and things as we sort and organize them. We talk to her all the time about “her kid.” We point to my belly and tell her there’s a kid in there and she gives us a look like we’ve completely lost it.

I also plan to ask visitors to say hello to her before they pay any attention to the baby. She seriously adores people and already acts a bit hurt and confused when every stranger on the street doesn’t want to stop and say hi to her on walks.

Phoebe strangers

I can only imagine how put out she’ll be if she gets omg visitors! to her home and they completely ignore her in favor of this new little creature we’re bringing home. People may think we’re ridiculous but I really think just a minute or two of them petting her would go a long way in making her resent Wesley a little less.

Those are my only ideas. I would really love any and all insight from you all. Are we completely stupid to send her away right before we drop this change bomb on her? For those of you who had a fur baby before your human baby, how did the transition go? Anything we can do to make this easier on her and us?

Two years old already

My little baby is two years old today.

I can’t believe she’s so grown up already. Almost overnight she’s mellowed out so much. She’s never been super hyper but she definitely was testing boundaries for awhile. Typical teenage girl stuff. Hehe.

Yes I just called my dog a teenage girl. Shut up.

But she was a huge brat for awhile and I definitely did not consider finding a new home for her.


But now she’s becoming the amazing dog she was when we first got her. She is such a part of our family now, it feels wrong when she’s not around.

So, for her birthday I’ve given her a few too many treats, took her for a nice long walk in the beautiful kinda sorta spring like weather and we’ve snuggled on the couch for hours.

I’m pretty sure we both had a really good birthday.

Happy 2nd birthday, Phoebe.

Her new favorite spot

Phoebe has a chair.

It’s hers.

It was given to us by some friends and ever since she discovered how to jump into it it’s been one of her favorite spots. Of course she makes her rounds on all the other furniture in the room. Including occasionally trying to walk on the coffee table (grrrr) but she tends to like the chair the best.

When we took the Christmas tree down this year we rearranged the furniture in the living room so that it’s next to the window.

Phoebe is a huge fan. Her chair? Just got so much more interesting.

Our little monster

Happy Halloween!

Wishing you a safe, happy and spooky Halloween.


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Dog fail

As you probably know by now, I love our little dog Phoebe. She makes me laugh multiple times a day. She’s a joy to have around 99% 95% of the time. Sometimes I wonder if she’s fully aware that’s she’s actually a canine though

Today I took her downstairs to potty and noticed it was actually really beautiful outside. The potty area, while not fenced in, is basically enclosed because it’s surrounded by buildings. I ran around with her a little bit but thought she might have more fun if I got some toys. We ran upstairs, grabbed a ball and a squeaky toy and went back down for what I anticipated would be a fun little game of fetch.

It started out just fine. I kept her lease on so that if she took off I’d have something to grab. I don’t want to jinx anything but so far she’s not the type to make a break for it. Also, if I tell her to stop? She does. Even I’m impressed. Anyway, this was the beginning

Aw! So cute and she seemed to be having a good time.

Very quickly though she seemed to forget the point of the game. I’d throw her ball or toy and she’d run like the wind for it, sniff and then….

Notice the toy way off in the distance? And she’d stand there looking at me like, “What are you going to throw now?

Eventually it was just a game of throw the toy, run to the toy and…

Oh look, a hole!

I tried showing her how to run to the toy and pick it up. I’d squeak it and get her all excited only to throw it and have her completely lose interest. It was like she was thinking

“I just got that thing for you and you throw it away again?!”

So yeah, that whole movie image of a good game of catch with my dog? Not so much… Obviously she is in no part retriever.

More like papillon with a side of ADD.

Phoebe wants you to vote for us!

Naughty spot

Phoebe is a great dog. Everyone who meets her loves her. Even people who don’t really like small dogs like her. She’s just a likable girl (she takes after me). She’s also generally really well behaved.

However, she’s not perfect and being 17 months old she’s going through a phase where she is constantly testing her boundaries. It drives me crazy. The thing about dogs is, it’s hard to correct behavior. If you wait a split second too long they have no idea what you’re correcting. Even if you don’t wait too long it’s always questionable if they have any idea what you’re talking about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “Why don’t you just speak English?!” to her.

Obviously I don’t expect perfection (ok maybe I kind of do) but when she acts like “come here” means let’s play a fun game of tag, barks at us for no reason or uses our legs as chew toys I get really frustrated. There’s just not much I can do. Obviously yelling at her won’t work because of the whole not speaking English thing. Everything I’ve read says that putting her in her kennel isn’t a good idea because that’s supposed to be her safe spot. We’ve tried just walking away and shutting her out but that also gets annoying when we have to do it every couple of minutes. Sometimes I think she wants to kick us out of the room.

There are times when she just needs a time out. Where to do it though? Not in her kennel because that’s not supposed to be used as a punishment. Not in any particular room because she always seems to find something to get into so I don’t think she’d view it as a punishment. Our little one bedroom apartment only offers so many options.

In a moment of desperation I stuck her in a confined area that we just happened to have laying around and surprisingly it worked! She easily could jump out but so far she doesn’t. When I went back and took her out she listened very nicely… at least for about five minutes. Trust me, at this point I’ll take what I can get.

Behold, our very own naughty spot.

Super Nanny would be so proud.

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