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Phoning it in

Sorry I’ve been such a lazy blogger lately. Totally lame, I know. My wisdom teeth have been healing really well. I still get food stuck in the holes all the time which is really gross and annoying but bearable. The worst part now is the pain in my front bottom teeth. It’s still really bad. I guess it’s from some nerves being damaged in the surgery and from the research I’ve done it shouldn’t be permanent. Yeah, the shouldn’t part scares me too. My lip is still partially numb and tingly and my front teeth hurt enough that I have to take over the counter meds for them. Anyone else ever have this problem?

Wow, are you all as sick of my teeth as I am? I miss the good ol’ days where I barely ever thought about my mouth. I ate food and didn’t think twice about it getting stuck anywhere (unless it was popcorn). I rarely ate jello. Now, jello is practically a food group. Jello is delicious is delicious though and luckily it hasn’t gotten old yet.

Only a few more days and the dentist says it will be safe for me to drink out a straw again. I cannot wait to have a frappuccino. I have been craving them like mad but I can’t figure out how to drink them unless it’s through a straw. Tomorrow I promise my blog post will be about something other than my teeth. Enjoy something crunchy for me in the mean time.


What to do if you have a screaming baby in flight:



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  1. Rae

    Hello Abigail,

    I’m not sure I have commented before but I read your blog religiously and very much enjoy your updates..

    At the moment I am keeping Pebble Dash (although I am knowhere near as frequent and dedicated as you) and previously kept Practically Dutch if you would like to have a browse (Practically Dutch may be of interest to you as we looked after the same children!!)

    Anyway, I just thought I would say hello and keep up the good work!!

    Rachel x

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