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I’m awesome

Last week I started Phoebe in agility class. If you’ve never seen dogs compete in agility this is what we’re working up to:

The first dog competing is a papillon. *grin*

We’ve only taken three classes but so far she’s doing really well and I think we’re both having a lot of fun. I know I am anyway. It’s actually quite a lot of work physically, not just for the dog but for the human too. A lot of running and of course I have to be high energy all the time to encourage her. It’s a blast though.

Anyway, all of that does not explain the title of my post. Don’t worry, I’m getting there. When I take her to class I like to wear shirts that have a front pocket on them (like a hoodie) so that it’s easy to access her treats. Today we got to class early and I visited and talked with the teacher and other dog owners. Ya know, like normal. As we were walking into the ring to start class (approximately 15 minutes and five people later) I tried to put her baggy of treats into the front pocket of my shirt. I couldn’t seem to find the opening so I looked down and there was no opening because… I had my shirt on inside out. That, ladies and gentlemen is why I am awesome.


Bag Lady


Maybe I should be a receptionist


  1. That is BEYOND awesome! I love that you talked to all of the other dog owners and not one of them pointed out that your shirt was inside out. Well, still miles better than parsley in your teeth.

    So… did you duck behind a bush for a quick reverse change?

  2. Luckily it’s an indoor ring so there was a bathroom I could run into to switch my shirt. I’m crossing my fingers the reason no one said anything is because they didn’t notice… either that or they’re all giggling at me behind my back. Either way you’re right, parsley in my teeth would’ve been worse.

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