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Bag Lady

Ok, I think I may have a problem.

This is really too many for two people to have, right? I mean, there’s no way we’re ever going to buy this many groceries at once. There are only two of us for heaven’s sake. Even with this many I still see ones I want to buy every once in awhile. I think it might be a sickness. Anyone else out there have an excessive amount of reusable bags? Or am I just a freaky bag lady?


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  1. No, Abigail… you’re not the only one. My step-mom has a ton of her own, and I have almost followed in her footsteps. I have the TJ Maxx one you have, which I LOVE… 😀 and I have a fun green one from Payless & a bunch of them from Meijer and I think I have one from Wal-Mart somewhere…

    I do love them, but I never remember to keep one with me, therefore, I usually end up buying another one. I had a cool thought, though, the other day. You know how you can bring in your plastic bags to Meijer & recycle them? (Maybe you can do that at other stores, too…) Well, I thought they should have a plastic bag incentive program. You know, like for every, say, 10 plastic bags you bring in you get a free reusable bag. What do you think? 😉

    Cheers to being a bag lady! 😉

  2. and no matter what, but don’t lose the Albert Heijn bag!

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