You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!


So today was about the most boring day ever. Boy am I glad I don’t have to work at the toystore for almost the entire month of january! Seriously, I love my job, but nobody shops for presents in January. Ok that’s not true but going from being so busy you can hardly breathe to super slow is a really hard adjustment to make. I’d much rather be doing stuff all day than stand around doing nothing, it makes me feel bad, like I’m not doing something that I should be doing.

Anyway, I’m totally stressing about packing *sigh* Packing is my least favorite part of traveling. Plus, there’s all these new regulations as to what you can take in your carry on and what you can’t so it’s totally throwing off my regular packing routine. See normally I pack all my toiletries in my carry on so that if they were to explode it won’t be all over my clothes. Now I obviously can’t do that so I’m kind of lost packing wise. I’ll figure it out, but I’m definitely the kind of person who figures out what works best for me and sticks to that and so this is taking me out of my comfort zone. Oh well, that’s good for me right?

Here are some New Years Pictures, as you can see we had a blast!:

Here is the group at the start of the night

Me and the love of my life

Times like these show you who your real friends are *grin*

Jen and baby Anthony

The girls, Tashame, Naomi and Sumer

Sisters, can’t ya tell *wink*

Then after the influence of some lots of Mountain Dew and a goofy game of Apples to Apples and Guesstures this is how the nights ended:

Lots of smiles, lots of giggles, let’s hope the whole year is as good as the beginning *smile*


The Wicker Man = worst movie ever



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  1. Melting

    All the pictures are great… – me. Lol. Oh, don’t forget to send me the one of Anthony and I. I want to show me mum. Have fun on your trip! I will miss ya, dear!

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