I love him to death, but Joel cannot pick good movies…ever. Tonight we watched one that he picked, The Wicker Man, and it was sooo dumb. It started alright but it quickly got dull and never picked up and the ending was one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. It’s one of those where you sit there as the credits roll with your nose curled in disbelief that you could waste a full hour and a half of your life so badly. And this bad movie thing isn’t something new, Joel’s got many talents but picking out good movies is not one of them. He claims that he picks good movies sometimes but we sat on the couch and he could not come up with one, lol. Let’s just say if there’s someone you want to recommend a movie that looks good, don’t ask Joel. Now to clarify, he knows when a movie’s good and he dislikes the bad ones he picks as much as I do, he just is really bad at judging previews. Oh well, you can’t be good at everything I guess *wink* I love you, Babe.

This is a quick post today cuz I’ve been staying up way too late the past couple nights and I’m super tired. Tomorrow I plan on posting the pictures from the past holidays so it’ll be a much better. *smile*