I’m packed…finally! As I’ve said before I really don’t like packing. I always seem to have too much stuff. Even though I’ve traveled dozens of times, I’ve never really mastered the whole “packing light” philosophy. Ok, that’s not true, I have packed light on certain trips. Those however were short ones where I knew I’d be carrying my bags a lot. On a trip like this, I’m going to be staying for a few weeks and I’m going right from the car to the airport to a car again. So yeah, I assure you that although it may appear that I’m moving back in permanently I’m really not, lol.

Other than packing my day was really nice. The highlight was by far the little surprise birthday party they threw for me at work. Here is a picture of the cake they got me.

Work birthday cake
sorry about the poor quality of the photo, I took it with my camera phone.

work birthday present
Here is the present they got me.

In it was some really nice make-up (anybody who knows me know how much I love my make-up *grin*) a candle, and a neat “meals in 30 mins or less” cookbook. That will really come in handy since I hate cooking when I come home from work because it takes too long and I’m already tired and hungry! So, my 21st birthday is already off to a great start and it’s still 11 days away! Awesome!
I’m super excited about tomorrow. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and I have a relaxing and wonderful trip. I most likely won’t post much, if at all tomorrow, just because I’ll be traveling but I promise I’ll be right back to it once I get settled in there. *smile*