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Dying laughing

I love my job. Really. Love it. I often leave quite stressed though.

I hate making mistakes. I hate when people think I made a mistake, especially when I actually did what was supposed to be done.

It’s challenging and the people I work with are fantastic so I love it. I do not, however, love the stress.

Tonight I came home and I was so tense. Joel and I made dinner (side note: another reason I love my job? Today I picked up a pack of uncooked fajita mix from the butcher. The meat, peppers and everything was all cut and seasoned and put together. All I had to do was through it in the pan. Delicious!) and then I sat on the couch to try and relax a little.

Someone tweeted about Damn You Auto Correct and I clicked onto the site. Before I knew it I was crying laughing. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath, my stomach hurt and tears were running down my cheeks. I laughed for a good 30 minutes while scrolling through old posts. I calmed down a little and thought grapes sounded delicious for dessert. I went back to read and almost literally died from choking on the grapes while laughing.

Word of advice, grapes? About the most dangerous things you can eat while reading something hysterically funny.

Thankfully I didn’t die and I feel sooo much more relaxed. It’s just amazing what a good laugh can do. Sometimes it’s hard to find something that will make me laugh that much. I do know that not even a glass of wine relieves that much stress or makes me feel so relaxed.

I’m now ready to do things all over again at work tomorrow. But first? Bed.


Boxes of emotions


I really should stay out of the kitchen


  1. I loooove that site. It's one of my new favorite addictions 😉 And now when I'm typing on my iPhone all I can think is…ohh I hope none of this makes it on that site!

  2. I think I am the only one who doesn't find that site funny.

  3. I love this website too, someone emailed me the link and I looked at it during my lunch break, my tea actually came out of my nose – it wasn't attractive and I couldn't stop laughing, so embarassing at the office!

    Glad you managed to find some good stress relief!

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