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25 Weeks

Woah, belly. I feel like as of this week it really no longer qualifies as a bump, this is full on belly. For the record, I’m loving it. Well, I vary between getting used to it and loving it. I feel huge even though I know I’m not, you know, for being six months pregnant.

I’m feeling pretty well most of the time. Still thankful for my anti-nausea medicine but I’m starting the process of weaning off of it. Apparently since I’ve been on it for so long stopping taking it can actually cause some nausea. That’s a fun little twist. But I talked with the midwife today and she gave me a plan so hopefully I’ll be off it by the end of the month. That would be AH-mazing.

Speaking of midwives I had an appointment today and met the final one of the practice I’ve been going to. I love her. I love all of them actually. All of them are great at taking time to listen and answer all my questions. They are also great at explaining the purpose of the tests they’d like me to take and presenting everything as an option, not a requirement. I’m not anti-testing at all. Give me all the tests! I want to know All The Things! But even still it’s nice to feel like it’s my choice.

I’m also measuring right on track and everything looks good so far. When the midwife went to check my stomach baby boy gave her a few good kicks and then proceeded to swim away from the doppler every time she got a decent reading on his heartbeat. I have an opinionated baby already. Wee!

I got orders for my gestational diabetes test. I’m dreading that a bit to be honest. I’m going to be so pissed if I find out I have GD right before Christmas. I want all the eggnog! And pie! And Nutella… but that really isn’t Christmas related I just want it. Anyway, cross your fingers for me because after 5 months of barely being able to choke down food I would love to get a break in the food department.

This pregnancy feels like it’s starting to fly by. I suppose feeling well has something to do with it. The first half dragged on and on and now my next appointment (in three weeks) will be the beginning of my third trimester. And then we’ll switch to appointments every other week.

It’s like this pregnancy is planning on being over in a few months and then I’ll actually have a real human child to take care of, 24/7. Hold me.


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26 weeks


  1. Good luck on the GD test. My wife was so sure she’d pass the test as her whole family eats Ice Cream and sugar like it’s a life line. She failed….the “short” test…and had to go back for the “long”test….and thankfully passed it.

  2. Mom Gratcyk

    All is well . . .

  3. I just came to check in on you and first saw that you lost the pregnancy but was thrilled to see your 25 weeks!!! So happy for you! You’re looking great

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