You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!


I know I need to choose:





Despite the fact that I feel:


It’s a choice. Happiness is a choice.

I want to be happy. I want to be at peace. I want to just let it all go.

I know I am a good person.

I’m occasionally selfish but I believe I am mostly empathetic.

I’m sometimes snarky and sarcastic but I’m usually a pleasant, kind, loving person to be around.

I try to always think of others and how they would feel about a situation. I try to put myself in their place and understand where they’re coming from.

I work hard and love harder.

I’m fiercely loyal and deeply passionate.

Most people enjoy my company. Or at least they pretend to.

I try to keep a positive outlook on life and smile as often as possible.

I know that some people will be impossible to please. I won’t get along with everyone. Some people just won’t like me. I also will not like everyone. Some people are assholes.

However, even to the assholes I will strive to be as polite as possible. You never know what someone’s background is.

There are so many things about myself that I would like to improve. I’m so very far from perfect. Perfection shouldn’t be my goal.

Love is my goal.

Happiness is my goal.

Peace is my goal.

My name means joy and my biggest goal in life is to create joy in others. I love people.

I refuse to let the occasional crazy person ruin my day.

I choose not to.


Where to next?


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  1. Yes I have so been there (w/ my step mom). It was so hard for me to learn to stop letting it effect me they it did and choose to be happy no matter what! 🙂

    Your wordless wednesday photo, melted my heart.

    • It's so hard. I just have to keep reminding myself it is my choice. What they do isn't but how I react is. Easier said than done obviously.

      And thanks about the photo. Those are my loves.

  2. Chrystal

    I am trying to make that choice everyday. We love because He first loved us.

  3. The lungos

    Awesome. Amazing. So true. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bobbi Janay

    This post hit me very hard. I am in the same place.

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