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Where to next?

I had all these great ideas for posts today. I can remember thinking at least four times, “Oh! I should blog about that!” Now? I have no freaking clue. Normally I’d have written my ideas down but we were busy enough that by the time I had a chance I’d already forgotten my idea.

Add to that working a 12 hour day…. I’m totally brain dead.


I’m excited about how work is going. I have a bunch of new responsibilities that I’m excited about. So hopefully my job will be less same old, same old. I like variety and I like to be challenged. Hopefully these changes will be just what I need.

I also decided that I need to plan a trip. Somewhere warm in January or February. It will give me something to look forward to instead of dreading the winter. I’m just stir crazy and I need something to focus on when I feel like my wings have been clipped.

So, now I need ideas. I went to Cancun last January so I’m not too interested in that. Plus it really needs to be somewhere relatively inexpensive. Also, I’d like it to be somewhere I’ve never been. As much as I’d love to go somewhere like Thailand I think it probably will need to be somewhere close. If I can get the time off I don’t want to waste whole days in transit.

I was thinking possibly South Carolina. I’ve never been and I’ve heard it’s gorgeous. New Mexico is another option. There are many states that I’ve never been to but I’d prefer to go somewhere warm and I’ve pretty much been to all the other southern states.

I’m already perking up at the ideas. Anyone want to help me daydream?


Wasn’t me




  1. I'm not sure what area of SC you are thinking but I was there last March (end of!) and it was COLD. Okay, so the people said that's not normal but still…we also went to Florida and it was awesome- you could always go there!

    • Oh really? I wasn't thinking it would be tropical beach weather or anything but I'd hope it would at least be warmer than Chicago. I mean, that time of year we're buried in snow so 50 degrees or warmer would feel amazing, ha!

  2. Andrew

    Palm Springs, Vancouver (drive from Seattle), Mobile (try it).

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