You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!


I’ve lost friends. Many friends. I have a really hard time keeping friends. It makes it hard for me to want to try and make friends again. But I long for friends. I need friends.

That’s why the people I’ve met online have meant so much for me. I know I’m not the most popular or coolest person on the internet. I’m just one little voice, emphasis on the little. I’m nothing in comparison to most others out there. The fact that anyone comes here to read means the world to me. Your comments? Put a giant smile on my face. Every single one of them.

So thank you. I hope I can do better with you “virtual” friends than I have with “real” ones.

You mean the world to me. And that is not small.


This sucks


A tale of three beds


  1. It's like I wrote this myself.

  2. enamoredbyone

    Guess what today is?? The 17th!! That means 1 month until a husband's birthday, 3 months until a wife's birthday and 7 months until an anniversary!!

    ((hugs)) I can't wait to read more about India… LOVE the pictures. Love YOU!! 🙂

  3. strawbrykiwi

    You're so sweet!!! *hugs*

    Also, to me you're my friend. I've never met you, but that doesn't matter! I am excited for the day I get to meet you but for now you're one of my best "virtual" friends!

    • I feel the same about you. And I'll say again, I am so thankful for you. I'm a lucky girl to have found such a sweet "virtual" (someday IRL) friend.

  4. aw I feel the same way. It's kinda crazy how people you've never met can be like best friends.

    Also I can't wait to read more about your trip!:]

  5. sudriveraine

    Get well soon Skywaitress, having a bad cold is no fun. I hear that cuddling with small dogs helps sometimes… If it's true that misery loves company, then I'd better share the fact that I just managed to have a cold in Hawaii

    • Oh man that's even worse! At least I was on the brink of death* in the comfort of my own home. In Hawaii would have been the lamest thing ever! Hope it didn't ruin your trip.

      *I may be a bit of a drama queen.

  6. I couldn't have said this better myself.____My husband and I just had a long converation last night about friendships and their elusivness.____I'm so happy you've found what you needed!

    • Yes, the people and connections I've made online have been a lifesaver in a very lonely time in my life. Friendship is tricky but I'm finally learning to open up again.

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