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Today I had the day off since Ineke has Wednesdays off. It was really rainy today so, in hopes of it clearing up, I stayed in and relaxed half the day. When it was clear that it wasn’t going to stop raining I decided to go out anyway. If you can’t stand getting wet from a little rain, don’t go to The Netherlands, trust me, lol.

 View from the door

 I rode my bike downtown and did a little window shopping and stuff. I was planning on taking pictures but it was too rainy and I didn’t want to get my camera wet so I didn’t take many. I did find this store though, which is new since I was here last:

The Apple Store, downtown Rotterdam

Thought you’d like that, Love, it made me think of you. *smile*

It was fun seeing everything again and I felt right at home. A few things have changed, there are some stores where there weren’t before and things like that but mostly it’s just the same. Also, all the stores are having sales which is awesome…or not depending on how you look at it, haha. I will try not to go too crazy *wink*

Oh! Guess what?! For the weekend after my birthday, Robbert and Ineke decided that we’re going to Disneyland Paris!!! I was so excited after they told me last night I could hardly sleep, hehe. Seriously, I’m just a big kid. I’m hoping the weather will be nice but either way I know it’s going to be sooo great!

That’s all for today, until tomorrow! *smile*


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  1. At the news tonight this weather forecast was given:
    “if you live in the West (and yes, we do) don’t ride your bike between 10 and 2 tomorrow, or you’ll seriously risk being blown of it”.

    Not kidding.

  2. Awesome! They have an Apple Store!!! That’s it were moving…. 😉 Glad you are doing well hon. I miss you. Have fun in Paris! I’m finishing up and email to you now.

    Always Learning,

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