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First Girls Day

Today was Caroline and my first whole day together with just the two of us. We had so much fun, I’ll let the pictures tell the story:

It was yucky outside and so in hopes of it getting better we stayed in the first part of the day, but that didn’t mean we didn’t have fun *wink* I played with her hair,

french braids.JPG

We danced to K3,

dancer girl.JPG

and were just silly in general.



The weather wasn’t getting any better so we decided to eat lunch and then go out anyways.


On the way there there were people moving into a house. This is how they get things into these high, narrow houses:

moving van.JPG

Notice, that’s a Mercedes moving truck! That’s what they use over here I guess, lol.

mercedes moving truck.JPG 

It was sooo windy I literally had to carry Caroline half the way. It was honestly practically blowing me over, much less little Caroline. It was halarious, the first couple times a really hard gust of wind pushed her she turned sharply and yelled “Hey! Wind, don’t push! That’s not nice!” LOL! Then she would turn to me and “tattle” on the wind “Abigail, the wind pushed me!” I could’ve died laughing if I wasn’t concetrating so hard on staying on my own feet. We did finally make it to get her all important cookie from Subway. They make the best chocolate cookies there.

cookie finally.JPG

Notice the now messy hair from the wind, rain and her hood.

cold city girl.JPG 

I decided that we certainly couldn’t walk home with the weather being like it was so we took the bus. Again, notice the wet hair and pink noses, it was really windy!

 bus ride.JPG

We picked the boys up from school and just played around the house for awhile, the boys played Candyland. Caroline doesn’t like to play it with her brothers anymore because she hates to lose! lol.

candy land boys.JPG

Then they decided to play hide and go seek: 


Caroine counting,

morten hiding.JPG

Morten “hiding” (good hard spot, huh?).

found him.JPG

She found him!

After that Ineke came home and they got in the tub and we ate dinner and did our normal evening stuff. What we do tomorrow depends on the weather but you can expect many fun pictures from that too *smile*




Second Girls Day

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  1. Melting

    Love the pictures! And Subway cookies are good no matter where you are 🙂

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