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St. Louis

Well, my trip went really well. It was great seeing everyone again and we all had a really fun time hanging out together and seeing the city and everything. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

What is St. Louis famous for? The Gateway Arch of course. Here are a couple different views of it from our city tour.

We also had a great time with the kids who seemed to have a good time with us as well *smile*

Ava and Joel chillin’ on the couch

Ava and Aidan playing in their super cool ball pit.

Aidan being silly, hehe.

Sunday was, of course, the Super Bowl. And I actually watched the whole thing this year…

…ok sorta, lol. I was glad the Steelers won though, yea! *smile*

Ava and I having fun *smile* notice Ava’s Chicago Bears outfit…raising ’em up right *wink*

Well, that’s it for the pictures. Joel and I both really enjoyed getting away for the weekend and seeing family. Hopefully we’ll be back again soon. *smile*


Dutch daytime TV


Finally a day off!

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  1. penstarr


    Okay so this might seem completely random and out of nowhere, but I just have to ask…
    About 7 or so years ago, I used to talk to a friend called Abby, who came from Indiana. We used to chat on ICQ almost every day, stsp (Same time, same place)!
    We were pretty close in age, and I’m almost certain it was you!
    *grins* My name is Penny, I’m 20 (these days!) and live in Australia. I often thought about you (if it is indeed the same Abigail!) through the years, since you were such a good friend of mine back in the day… And since I wasn’t sure if it was you or not, I looked back as far as I could through your blog, and I read that you liked Aerosmith (which you did back then!) and I also recognised names of siblings… The Abby I spoke to had sisters called Naomi and Rebekah, and the names Anna and David also seem familiar… and if you aren’t the same Abby, then this is all a very freaky coincidence! *grins*
    I remember as a treat I was allowed to call you for my birthday, and you said that once, you and your friends pretended to be British, and every time you passed a cornfirls, you said “Oh look another corrrnfield”.. hehe.

    ANYWAY, I’m really hoping it’s the same Abby Staub, because a few times over the years i’ve tried typing your name in to search engines to try and track you down, and last week was the first time I actually had any result… it would be really cool to get back in touch, if it was in fact you! 🙂
    Hope to talk soon? Penny. xoxo

    (and ps, if it isn’t you, then big time apologies for clogging up your blog!!) xxx

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