Nine. hour. shifts…that’s what I’ve had just about every day since I started working at good old Fazoli’s. It’s been crazy! I’m not complaining at all, I just totally didn’t expect it. When I worked at AMC (the only job I could really compare to this one) it was a struggle to get hardly any hours at all because they just weren’t busy enough. Fazoli’s on the other hand is quite busy a lot of the time and they’re understaffed right now. Enter me. I’m a great worker, I’m not bragging or trying to sound like I think too highly of myself or anything, I just am. I love my job already. I’m such a huge people person and that’s what I get to do most of the day. They’ve had me running the cash registers the past four days that I’ve been working and it’s really fun for me. It’s a blast. Plus, we’re doing a fundraiser for Riley’s Children’s Hospital. They started it back in January and we’ve already raised about a $1,000 for them. It’s pretty neat. Anyway, come to find out there was some kind of contest for whoever sold the most. After four days of working guess who’s in the lead, lol. Yeah, me. Craziness! That’s what I like doing though, I love talking to customers and I love selling things. So yeah, I love my job but it’s pretty tiring and I’m loving my nice weekend off, woo hoo! (Gonna love the paycheck too, hehe)