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I got a job

at Fazoli’s, woo hoo! Ok, so it’s not the world’s most glamorous or well paid job but it’s something and it’s full time. I’m excited. The Fazoli’s in Valpo where I’ll be working is really nice and all the workers have always been incredibly helpful and friendly. Plus their turtle cheesecake is soooooo good! It’s seriously one of my favorite desserts. Period. And now I get a 50% discount on it, hehe. Anyway, This should definitely help towards a wedding and other expenses. It was definitely a humbling experience after living on the other side of the world and being totally independant from my parents to have to ask my dad for money, but no more… not often anymore, hehe.

So yeah, I now have two jobs, one at The Caring Place and the one I got today. Wednesday Joel and I are doing a presentation for our Caring Place job at Valparaiso High School. It’s the whole senior class, which should be interesting since it’s my old high school. However, seeing as I haven’t gone there in three years and pretty much all my friends were my age and older it’s doubtful I’ll see anyone I know or more importantly would remember me. That’s ok though, it should still be fun.

Hm…that’s about it as far as my job life is concerned. I start next Tuesday at Fazoli’s so we’ll see how that goes. Until next time *smile*


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  1. Congratulations on the job! Wonderful news. Now just watch out for weight gain!


  2. Yeah, no joke. I get a free meal (spaghetti, alfredo, or pizza) every time I work four hours or more so it should be interesting…maybe I’ll just try walking to and from work all the time, lol.

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