You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!


I started doing pilates again finally. It’s one of the best whole body workouts that I’ve found that I actually enjoy. Anna Maria (miss you chica!) got me started on it and we used to do it together. Now that she’s gone and my vacation is over I have to start doing it again by myself. My plan was to start getting up an hour earlier than usual so I can get it done before I have to start my day…well that didn’t happen this morning, oh well.

Instead of just skipping doing it altogether though I decided to let the boys join me while I did it. It was so cute. They both got really into following what I was doing. Morten was very attentive to make sure that he was doing “exactly” what I was doing. Timo did at first but after awhile he would get bored with what we were doing and start doing his own thing. He then of course wanted me to watch what he was doing and tell him how good it was. Also both of the boys would stop every once in awhile, flex their arms and have me check and see how strong their muscles were getting, lol.

It made my workout so much fun and while I’m still going to try and get into the habit of getting up early and doing my workout, I now know if I don’t it’s just as much fun letting the kids join in. *smile*


Dancing and Giant Playgrounds


Listen to music while you work…

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  1. Just now, I told Thea the story of how they were showing their “mossels” in their armpits the other night at dinner 🙂

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