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Robbert’s glasses got broken the other day while playing with the kids (and as a result he’s had to wear glasses that have made the kids point, laugh and call him an owl the past few days, lol) So his new ones were finally in and since he had to pick them up in Sassenheim where the his mom lives he took the kids to visit her. I stayed home of course and have been listening to Launchcast and ironing pretty much the whole day. Now, I like ironing but there are seriously like a years worth of clothes here! lol. Ok, maybe not that many but there are a lot. The boys are still on holiday from school so I’ve just been focusing on them until today so it’s really built up. So yeah, I’ve had fun and the hours have really flown by because it’s a relatively brainless activity so I just sing and kinda dance around and whatever while I’m doing it. The funny thing is though, I’ve ironed so much I seriously have a blister on my hand from it! And no, I didn’t burn my hand it’s just from the stupid handle, lol. I think it’s pretty funny, I didn’t even know it was possible. Anyway, that was pretty much my day. Tomorrow I get to meet with a new Au Pair from Lithuania which will hopefully be fun. She lives in Rotterdam too, yea! Until next time *smile*




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  1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s amazing to me that you say that you like doing ironing. I certainly don’t especially when I have to iro my fiance’s big clothes. I only like wearing ironed clothes and not necessarily doing the ironing myself. I salute you then. Your a muh etter woman than I am 🙂

  2. that reminds me of a song… “Coke bottle glasses, i’m sitting in the corner with my finger up my nose… Shoe-laces untided agan. Another day of school with no friends. Whao Ooo Whao Ooo…” May FIF rest in peace.

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