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The one with the lobster

Tomorrow is the grand opening of the store. Pretty exciting. That meant that today the store was closed in preparation. We had a meeting in the morning and, since I was scheduled to work anyway, I stuck around to help out with things.

I made sure the bar was stocked and ready to go which was about all that needed to be done in that area of the store. The kitchen however had tons to do.

I have probably mentioned before that I’m not much of a cook. Plus? A cashier had been chopping carrots the night before and ended up with stitches and a thumb wrapped up like a cartoon character. Yipes. At least it wasn’t her pinky toe.*

I’m pretty confident with my knife wielding abilities (I did sell them after all) but I think the entire store would like to keep all cashiers and servers away from sharp objects for awhile.

Instead I was taught how to make the ganosh we use in our mocha drinks. Not sure why fire is better than blades but whatever. I survived. Actually making ganosh? Surprisingly easy. We make so much of what we serve in house. It fascinates me.

Not sure why that is so fascinating to me exactly.

I’m easily amused. But that’s a good thing right?


After ganosh making I was assigned to plucking herbs for the salads. Brainless work but fun because another barista was doing it with me. We chatted and giggled and had more fun picking through leaves than I would have thought was possible.

Side note: Do you know how freaking long it takes to pick apart and fill up a container with dill? Way freaking long. Seriously, once off the stem, dill has no volume. I worked forever and it looked like I’d just been standing there. Although maybe I was just standing there. I was having an awfully good time chatting.

Anyway, while we were standing there along comes a chef with a lobster. They have lobster dishes on the menu but I didn’t really think about it.

Until the thing moved.

It was still alive.

Now I know, I know, that’s how they’re best and everything but this one looked at me.

And then the chef started petting it’s head to “make it relax”. It’s little eyes rolled around and it stopped flailing and started to look comfortable. It was like a cockroach looking dog. I have never felt so sad for something so delicious in my life.

Then cruuunnnch

And little lobster friend got a knife right through his head.

And what did I, as a rational adult do?

I freaking cried.

No joke.

Thankfully everyone was too busy with their tasks, my friend plucking mint and the chef ripping the still kicking lobster to bits, to notice.

But yeah, I cried over a stupid lobster, from which they’re planning on making lobster egg roll things. Those egg rolls sounded so incredibly delicious. I used to want to try one.

Now I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to pass on it.

If I saw all my food um… prepared? I would definitely be a vegetarian.

Meat is just so freaking yummy.

And I? Am a giant hypocrite.

*name that episode!

My beef with Peta

I was listening to talk radio the other day and they were discussing Peta’s recently rejected ad campaign.

‘Grace’: PETA’s Thanksgiving ad

All that stuff in the ad? It’s true. The way animals bred for food are treated is disgusting. I say this because there was a caller that said if that stuff was actually true she couldn’t enjoy her Thanksgiving turkey. Sorry lady, it’s all true. The meat we eat comes from animals that are so mistreated it’s almost unbelievable. I literally could not finish watching certain videos. It was that sickening. And Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite filmmakers. Just saying.

Not to mention the fact that our food is pumped so full of hormones and chemicals it’s causing all kinds of health problems. Plus, these animals live in so much filth that they actually consume their own feces. *gag* If you really think about it, eating meat is disgusting and actually pretty bad for you.

Well Abigail, you must be a vegan or at least a vegetarian if you truly feel this way, right? Actually no, I’m not. It’s not because I love steak so much (although I do). Or my cravings for cheese pizza are so overwhelming (sometimes they are). I could get over that. Actually, Joel and I both went vegan for 30 days. During this month period I realized why I can’t be a vegan and why Peta has it all wrong.

The problem with Peta is they’re focusing so much on the mistreatment of animals. They hope that, just by presenting people with the facts, it will change their minds. Then people will see the light and magically love all animals and move into a forest and skip around singing happy tunes while birds perch on nearby branches. Right.

Some people won’t care at all. Others will. Those that feel guilty will try to cut out some of their meat dishes. Maybe eat more salad for awhile. But I think we all know, one can only live on salad for so long. Eventually they’ll crave protein and head to their local Whole Foods (if they’re lucky enough to have one). When they get there they’re going to take one look at the price of tofu and decide maybe hamburger isn’t so bad for them and their 7 kids.

Because in the end money talks. For the average person budgeting their time and money, a vegetarian (or dare I say vegan) lifestyle isn’t that realistic. This is why more people, including myself are not vegan. It’s hard. Especially if you do any kind of traveling. I did it as a flight attendant and, unless I planned ahead and cooked my meals in advance, I found myself at the airport eating a side salad, potato chips and juice. Again. I’m sorry but I am not good at planning ahead, especially when it comes to food. I do cook from time to time but, the closer it comes to ready made, the better in my opinion.

Joel and I eat out a lot. Definitely too much. It’s a fault and it’s something I’m working on. However, no matter how much better I get at planning meals and actually following through and cooking them, I’m positive there are going to be times when I’d just rather order in. Or we’ll be on a road trip. Or whatever. Fact is, it’s tricky to find good, filling vegetarian options that are quick and easy. God forbid you’re trying to find something that’s vegan! Now, Whole Foods has a bunch of vegan options that are actually really delicious. But every time we shop there I do a double take at our bank account as to whether I just went grocery shopping or made a car payment. We are not rich. And if we shop at Whole Foods too often we might actually have to choose between food and a car.

What I’m trying to say in the longest way possible is, if Peta is truly serious about animal welfare, they need to stop trying to treat the symptoms and focus on the disease. Stop trying to shut down the slaughter houses. It will never happen as long as the quickest, easiest food options come from there! They need to focus on making vegan food accessible to everyone. They need to find a way to make it cheap. I’m talking McDonald’s cheap. Because seriously, do people eat at McDonald’s because it tastes good? No, they eat there because it’s fast, easy and dirt cheap. Only then will veganism become mainstream. Until Peta figures this out, veganism will continue to be only for the rich, self-sacrificing or ultra organized.

Unfortunately, I don’t fall into any of those categories.

Thirty days and counting

Well everyone it’s official. As of May 1st Joel and I have started thirty days of being vegan. Basically, that means I’m not eating any meat, egg or dairy until at least May 31st. I know this sounds crazy, especially if you know me and my love for meat (see my last several posts) but, I’ve read some books on it and it seems like it could be a really healthy lifestyle alternative. I’m taking this as just another adventure and will keep you all updated on how it turns out. To keep track of Joel and my progress, as well as what we’re eating, check out

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