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And I’m surprisingly okay with it.

Now yesterday? I was decidedly not okay with it. I also reserve the right to not be okay with this whole overdue thing at any point in the future.

However I woke up this morning feeling really zen about the whole thing. Here is why:

I’m waited on hand and foot– Joel treats me like a queen. More than usual even. This is mostly due to the fact that moving is freaking difficult anymore. If he’s not there to help me off the couch chances are, unless it’s an emergency, I just won’t get up. It’s that much of an effort. He knows that and really doesn’t mind grabbing me a glass of water or tea or helping me yank off my shoes. It’s kind of awesome really. Once this kid is out I’ll have a couple more weeks of guilt free queen-dom and then I’ll have to go back to actually doing things for myself. Why rush it?

I eat what I want – Seriously. At this point I’ve only gained about 25 pounds which is the low end of what I’m supposed to gain. So I eat whatever sounds delicious. And sure, I struggle with nausea still which is really frustrating but, when that eases up, I stuff my face with popcorn and nutella and brownies and ice cream and pizza and…. well you get the point. Once this kid is out I’m going to want to start thinking about losing the baby weight. Who really wants to rush to eat less dessert? Not me.

Everyone smiles at me – It’s something I’ve noticed lately. Everywhere I go people look at me and grin. I’m assuming it’s because I’m just such an adorable pregnant lady and not because I spilled something down the front of me. Although there are plenty of times when the spilling thing is true too. Plus, the look on people’s faces when they ask me when I’m due and I say “last Thursday” cracks me up.

My house is SO clean – I’m generally a messy person. However, the idea of bringing a brand new baby into a messy house makes me insane so my house has never been and stayed so clean for so long. I have a feeling I won’t be as concerned about messiness when I’m battling the newborn haze so I’m enjoying this while it lasts.

It’s not like I’m going to sleep better – I get frustrated with the pregnancy insomnia and the waking up every couple of hours to pee. But I’m well aware of the fact that newborns take sleep deprivation to a whole new level so there’s no point in rushing that. I enjoy the sleep that I can get while I’m getting it.

I love my bump – Sure it makes standing up, rolling over in bed or any movement all at really tricky but seriously I love it. I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin. I will miss this big old bump (and the kicks I feel in it) more than anything else about pregnancy.

Everything is healthy – and really I’m only 4 days late. That’s not that late, although it does kind of feel like an eternity.¬† Wesley has passed two non stress tests with flying colors. The contractions that I’m having I either can’t feel at all or aren’t really that uncomfortable. My body has dilated and effaced some already so that bodes well for when I go into active labor. We get to see him on an ultrasound tomorrow morning to make sure his fluids and movements and all that are good.

My midwife says boys are 8 days late on average. I asked if there was a limit for how long I could go and she said no. She doesn’t like to set an arbitrary induction date because, as long as everything is healthy, an induction date just puts pressure on the whole situation. I love that so much. She did say we could induce any time I wanted “today even” and I’m not going to lie I considered it for a fraction of a second. But really, my body is doing it’s thing, Wesley seems healthy and comfortable and I hear¬†pitocin is a real bitch. No reason to stress him or my uterus unless it looks like he or I aren’t doing well anymore.


So yeah, as of this moment I’m fine with being pregnant forever. We’re still doing all the things (tea, pineapple, primrose oil, walking, sex (I’m thinking Joel is secretly okay with me going awhile yet because of this one) bouncing on an exercise ball, spicy foods…. and some I’m forgetting. Really, all the things) to get things going. If you’d like to give me advice on something else to try let me refer you to number 5 on this post… and then please don’t. I appreciate the thought but it makes me want to rage quit the internet.

I’m okay with being late. Really.

37 Weeks


I am officially full term.



And the way I’m feeling, this baby can’t come soon enough.

This morning I was lying in bed feeling my little guy wiggle around and suddenly, BAM! Foot shot right to the ribs so hard I actually heard an audible pop. Of course there was that split second where I paused to decide how much it hurt. I quickly decided he did not break the rib so I can only assume that the pop was it moving out of place slightly. It’s been tender all day. Probably doesn’t help that the area on and under that rib is the ONLY spot he likes to kick anymore. Stinker.

Great news at the doctor this week. Baby is head down and obviously very strong and healthy. My culture for Group B Strep also came back negative so I don’t have to have an IV during labor at all (baring complications of course). I love that I’m birthing at a hospital that will allow me to labor without even a hep-lock. I really hate needles. Really. I wasn’t checked for dilation or anything, not sure when they will start checking that. I have a feeling there’s no progress though considering the fact that he lives in my lungs. I miss oxygen.

I found a couple little stretch marks on my side. Or at least I’m pretty sure they’re new. I had a freakish growth spurt as a child (I was 5’3″ at 11 years old, I’m only 5’4″ now.) so I already had some on my sides and thighs. I’m pretty sure they’re new though so womp womp. I’m at least hoping they stay in that general area and don’t start showing up on my actual stomach. If that’s the case I will be a super happy camper. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I also now have a linea nigra officially. This I think is kind of cool. Not really sure why, but I like it. Plus I know it fades (right?).

Birthing class finished this past Sunday so that deserves a big old CHECK. Now just waiting to put all we learned into practice.

We’ve been making some serious progress with baby stuff. Took me long enough right? I don’t know, I guess I’ve been kind of in denial that this whole thing is actually happening. Like, I’m going to be bringing home an actual human child instead of just being pregnant for forever. I guess being pregnant for basically an entire year will do that to you. Anyway, we have all his newborn sized clothes washed, folded and put in a box under the bed. We have really limited storage in our apartment so we opted to get one of those under the bed bins for his clothes.


And even with the biggest one we could find that would fit under the bed it’s still bursting at the seams. Such a spoiled little man already.

We also got the bassinet assembled so Wesley will actually have a place to sleep. And by we I mean Joel of course.


There’s a fun little time lapse of the whole process on Joel’s blog if you want to check it out.

We don’t have much planned for this coming week except more getting ready for the baby. We are making an appointment with the police department to check out our car seat installation. I found the pediatrician we want so all I need to do is call the insurance company and make it official. We still need to pack the hospital bags and buy his coming home outfit.

Speaking of packing the hospital bags, I’m a bit lost on what I might pack food-wise for myself. I’m allowed to eat and drink during labor but I know laboring women generally don’t want much. What were your food and drink essentials during labor?

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