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Duck dog

Phoebe loves the snow but lately it’s been so cold that her little paws have been getting cold. Plus, the salt on the sidewalks are hard on the pads of her paws. She’s delicate.

Anyway, last year we bought her a little outdoor outfit when she decided to go on a potty outside strike. She wouldn’t go outside and would pee the minute she got back into the house. Not. Ok.

She had been doing ok this year until today. It’s just too freaking cold. When she refused to go for me Joel and I were afraid she was going to try and go on a potty strike again. Instead of dealing with messes we brought out the outfit.

She was clearly not impressed with wearing those ridiculous little boots again.

Clearly I am a horrible person because I could not stop giggling about her waddle.


Marital duties


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  1. gramma

    That's FUNNY! It looks like she's carrying a load in her diaper – lol.

  2. It All Changes

    The first year we had our dogs they refused to go outside and if we carried them out there they would walk like marionettes…trying to not have all their feet touching the cold ground.

    So we have boots too. They get used to it but I think they curse us the first few weeks 🙂

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