Despite the rough start, this weekend is turning out to be a blast. We’ve met some really fun, nice people and have had a great time hanging out with old friends and new. If you’ve never heard of Five Iron Frenzy you’re really missing out. They were a great band and their fans are some of the best in the world (I’m defintely not biased*)

Highlights of the day:

• Our amazing hosts. Seriously some of the nicest people ever.
• Lunch downtown Denver
• Visiting Red Rocks amphitheater
• Coors tour
• Screening of the Five Iron Frenzy documentary

I’m having so much fun and I don’t want to waste much of the time I have here with my nose in my phone. I plan on doing small updates this weekend and once we get back on Monday I’ll post a real update with pictures and everything.

*yes I am