It’s snowing like crazy here. It’s so pretty. I am fighting off a cold by getting a lot of sleep and taking tons of vitamin C. These past two weeks have been really stressful and I didn’t get very good sleep the whole time. I’ve been home for the last couple nights and I’ve been in bed by 9:30 or earlier both nights. It sucks that I’m kind of sick the two nights that I’m home. At least I’m home, in my own bed and I get to snuggle with my loves.

I really need a car. That would make it so I could come home most nights. Unfortunately we just can’t afford to buy another car right now though. I love my sister and I adore my nephews but it’s really hard being away from home so many nights. I’ve decided to stay here tonight and go out to my sister’s in the morning. It will probably make for a short night but at least it will be a short night in my own bed.

I’m just so tired. Even with all the sleep I’ve gotten the last several nights I’m still tired. Without getting addicted to caffeine I’m not sure how to get over this exhaustion. It’s really not fun. This post probably makes no sense, hence the title. I have a bunch of blog post ideas but I can’t muster up the energy to write about any of them right now. I’ll try not to phone in too many more of my posts but tonight you’ll have to leave a message after the beep.