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Waiting in Minnesota

It’s been awhile. My life has been significantly less exciting the last couple of months. One really good thing is my transfer went through and I am a Chicago based flight attendant now. However, the trips I get out of Chicago are nowhere near as exciting as the ones I was assigned out of DC. My last month in DC (June) I flew three trips: Brussels, Munich and Rome. Ah.mazing!

Since I’ve been in Chicago I haven’t been assigned any international trips. I have seen a whole lot of the good ol’ USA, especially the Midwest, though. In fact, when the scheduler called for my last DC trip (Rome) he even joked he was giving me all the best trips so I’d kick myself for transfering to Chicago where I’ll only have crummy trips. Haha.

Let me clarify, I’m not complaining. There are so many benefits to being based here. I am home on all my days off. I get to see my family and friends way more often. I’m living in the beautiful city of Chicago instead of a boring Virginia suburb. I never have to drive to Baltimore at 3 in the morning again. Plus, not all the flying out of Chicago is bad the great trips are just a little harder to get.

Overall things are really great. I got one of those fancy iPhones, which I am completely addicted to, so I plan to blog much more often. The posts will probably be a lot of random thoughts, rambles and rants like this one so be warned. *wink* I will post some pictures from the last couple of months soon so keep an eye out.

My three hours in MSP is almost over so I have get back to work. Until next time.


Popcorn Festival


Shouldn’t I at least have done something crazy to feel like this?

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  1. I am really glad you are blogging again… and I’m even happier you are home now. *smile*

    Always Yours,

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