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First day

Thankfully I slept like a rock last night and am much less tired today. It should be just another day or two and I’ll be totally adjusted to the time difference. Other than the small amount of jet lag it feels like I never left. Crazy as it sounds, as I walk around the house or to the grocery store, even just sitting here on the computer with that same view, I feel like I could’ve dreamed up the last year of my life! It’s like that never existed almost. Very weird feeling let me tell you, good weird because it means I’m comfortable, but weird none the less.

Anyway, like I said before, I had a fun day yesterday. I got to give the kids their presents which I’m so glad they seemed to really enjoy. Caroline especially, I gave her an assortment of cute girly stuff (lip gloss, pencils, paper, a little birthstone ring etc) and a Dora Candyland game and she carries all of it around in the bright pink gift bag “so that I don’t lose anything”, lol. They’re allowed to bring a toy on mondays so at school this morning she went around to everyone saying “I have a gold ring” and showing it off. She’s so cute! She also got some Hello Kitty hair clips:


The boys like their presents too but you can’t tell from their faces in the picture, lol.

In the morning we went out to breakfast and then later in the afternoon we went here for drinks:


We also had bitterballen.

 They’re hard to explain what they are exactly but they taste really good.


After that we went home, relaxed and in the evening we started the puzzle I gave Robbert and Ineke. Timo helped a bit, but in the end it was a little too hard.


This is how much we got done. Hopefully we’ll finish it tonight or tomorrow night.





Using toothpicks for my eyes…


Kids grow up too fast…

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  1. Hey hon.

    I love you! Great job on posting! *smile*

    Always Learning,

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