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Boy’s night

Tonight we had my little eight year old brother over. We ordered pizza and watched a movie and now Joel and him are playing video games. They are so cute! I love watching how they interact. They definitely have the whole brother thing down pat. It cracks me up watching them play their little video games too because obviously David has a lot more time to practice than Joel and so David almost always ends up winning whatever they play. Once Joel gets the hang of whatever game they’re playing he does much better but he does a lot of crashing into things in the process, hehe. And he’s probably going to kill me when he reads this, but oh well. He’s going to make such a great Dad…eventually! lol. We’re not in any hurry to head that direction that’s for sure. But a few years into the future I’ll be proud to have him as the father of my children *smile*.

On another note, if a couple things work out we’re thinking about getting a dog! hehe. It will definitely be a tiny dog. There are a few I’m thinking about but the main ones I’m leaning toward are:

Yorshire Terrier



a Chihuahua *giggle* look how cute she is!

*all pictures curtesy of
Basically, I want a dog that I can carry around in a purse. So, what do you all think? IF I get one, which kind should I go for?


Hello, my name is Mrs. Abigail Gratcyk!


Some good thoughts


  1. Tell me you’re kidding.
    I thought you couldn’t stand Paris H.

  2. haha! I never thought of that actually. But seriously, why let her spoil something so cute? I’ve wanted a “purse dog” for way longer than she’s been popular *smile*

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