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The blahs…

regen regen
ga toch weg
kom pas terug
als ik het seg…

I’m so ready for summer! It’s been grey and not really cold but not really warm for a few days now. I got my bike back though which I’m happy about. Rotterdam has this new thing where if you park your bike anywhere other than on a black parking place they take it away and you have to pay €15 to get it back! The dumb thing is, they’re doing construction and pulled up most of the parking places so there are not enough places to park! *sigh* Oh well…at least it wasn’t stolen. But I was without it for almost a week because of Good Friday and then the two Easter days. Plus, I have to buy a new lock for it because they cut mine, so that will be expensive. Oh well…like I said, at least I have the bike back safe and sound. But all that aside, Easter was nice and spring is here! woo hoo!


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  1. *shouts* hooray for spring!!! summer is just around the corner. *smile*

  2. Caitlin

    SPRING IS HERE!!!! i am so happy. about how much do bike locks cost? love c

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