You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!


Have you ever been so happy about something you couldn’t stop smiling? And then every time you thought about why you were smiling you smiled even bigger. And by the end of the day your cheeks kinda hurt from smiling so much but thinking about why they hurt makes you smile all the more…lol Today was just a great day! *happy sigh*




how is it possible…


  1. I’m gald you are so happy. that’s cool. *smile*

  2. Anonymous

    wow abigail, hadnot been here for a while and you got lots of pictures and links now. Congratulations.
    And speaking of those..
    I can’t keep from smiling too when i remember you coming down the stairs the other day coz you had something to tell us. Big hug !! *smile* *wink*
    gr. Ineke

  3. Abigail, I hope not to sound a little improper but you indeed have a very cute smile!!(from what I see in the photo were you are smiling) (I do not mean it in a bad way, what happens is that is really good to see people to have that attitude towarsd life 🙂 )
    I just bumped into your journal and it seems you are enjoying life a lot just keep the way you are..sorry end of transmission…and have a great time!!!JESUS ANTONIO

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