You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!


It was Timo’s first day of Judo and so Ineke and I got to stay and watch. Morten has been going for a couple weeks now but Robbert was the one that took him. It was so cute! There was probably 20 little kids or so, mostly little boys but a couple girls too. At the start of the class, when the Teacher took role the kids had to answer to their name with “Ja, Meester”(master) it was adorable. Anyway, both of them really enjoyed it so this is something they’ll both be doing every monday now.

Timo listening to the instructions

The Meester explaining a game to the kids

Morten and Timo practicing a move


Look what I found…




  1. the seem like pretty cute little kids! i bet you’re having a lot of fun over there! i love kiddos, they’re so great! love ya girlie!

    <>< k <><

  2. alright toughen those kids right up! *laughs* you are a smart one. *wink*

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