I had a really nice day today. I had the best time of worship that I’ve had in a long time, mostly because I haven’t moved the table back into my room and so I could really dance while I worshiped. It was great. During my time with God today I was thinking, why are temptations so tempting? Really, when God makes rules it’s never because He’s mean or doesn’t want us to have any fun, it’s always for our own good and will make our life easier. When God says not to get drunk we think he just doesn’t want us to have any fun but alcohol is a poison, it just kills you a lot slower than others. Even still, you wake up with a horrible headache because of what the stuff did to your body, but that’s fun right?! Or smoking. Take away the risk of cancer and emphysema and it still makes your teeth yellow, your clothes stink and gives you wrinkles. Or sex outside of marriage. You run the risk of all kinds of irritating and even fatal diseases, not to mention just plain old getting your heart broken. And yet, I still find these things tempting…I don’t understand myself sometimes. I can have so much fun with out all that junk and yet there’s still times when I want to throw all that into the mix. God is so loving and good to warn us about these things and to tell us not to do them. Why am I still tempted when I know what I know? By God’s grace I still haven’t given into any of these temptations so far, and I don’t expect to, and I suppose that no matter what these things are going to look fun. However, I know that there’s so much better to be had and I just need to keep my focus right and always remember that God’s given me boundaries to make my life better and not worse.