Today was a nice day. It was my day off and since I’m trying to save money, not spend it, I stayed at home most of the day. The nice thing is, now we have internet at the house so I got a chance to kind of play on-line. I haven’t done that in awhile. There’s this fun little site I signed up for,, and it’s got a bunch of really great e-cards. The ones for Thanksgiving are mostly games and so I really had a blast playing on them. Then Morton and Timo came up and I let them take a shot at the games. It was really more fun watching them play the games and laugh at the cards then it was doing it myself. Kids really are great, they bring a whole simple, innocent perspective to things that sometimes I find myself losing. Hopefully I will never fully lose the ability to look at things with a childlike wonder. Things are so much better when you get excited about them.