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Phoebe likes you

So will you like her back? How can you resist a face like this:

I entered this photo into a contest to be made into a piece of Modern Bird artwork.

If you follow my tweets you know how much I love Modern Bird, or more specifically Megan, Greg and their two adorable kiddos. We’ve become Twitter friends ever since I found out about them through a giveaway they did on Jill from Baby Rabies’ blog. They make the most incredible artwork from personal photos. If you’re looking for a completely unique gift this holiday season you won’t find anything more personal or beautiful. It’s something that will be cherished forever.

The way the contest works is simple, I need to get the most likes on Phoebe’s picture in order to go into the judging round. For that I need your help. Could you pretty please,

1. Like Modern Bird’s Facebook page.

2. Find Phoebe’s picture in their Holiday Contest album and “like” it. Her picture is number 105 right now. Easier way to find it? Click the link that says Phoebe’s picture above. Or this one.

The five top photos get judged and the winner gets turned into a gorgeous work of art. For examples of the pictures they’ve already turned into art, see their portfolio.


It would really mean a lot to me if you could help me at least get into the judging for this contest. Winning this contest would be magical.

Thank you times a billion!

I get the awesome from my dad

I’ve written before about how my dad isn’t quite Mr. Internet Savvy. He’s in his 70’s though so he definitely goes in the category of getting credit for trying. The other day I picked up my dad and little brother from the airport and brought them back to our apartment to visit for awhile. During that time Joel was trying to set my little brother up on Twitter. While they were working on that it came up in conversation that my nephew John had set my dad up on Twitter as well.

My dad has a Twitter.


Well at least he isn’t following me right?

As Joel was finishing up the Twitter tour for my little brother he showed him how to text his updates from his phone.

Joel- “Just text 40404 and that will update your status.”

My dad- “Wait. What was that number again? I thought that was John’s phone number!”

He also said that would explain why he was only allowed 140 characters when he was texting John and didn’t have that restriction on anyone else.

I have to give my dad credit because the mix-up isn’t exactly his fault. Shortly after John set my dad up he must have had a phone number mix up of his own. Instead of texting Twitter John must have accidentally hit reply all. It also just so happened that it wasn’t just any old update John sent to his entire list of contacts, including my clueless about Twitter dad. The text message my dad got out of nowhere said:

STOP @LindaShutske

Linda is a friend of the family so of course my dad’s reaction was “Stop her from what?!” In fact, you can see my dad’s reaction in tweet form.

John, what does this mean?!!? Give me a call please.
6:53 PM Mar 31st via txt.

I kid you not, I’m still laughing about it.


I just opened my e-mail to find this:

That’s right. Verified account too. I might have squeeed just a tiny bit.

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