One of my best friends Zahara has finally returned from her six month trip to Israel. She was gone way too long. As you can imagine, moving back and forth overseas doesn’t allow you to keep many clothes. In order to restock her wardrobe (and lets be honest, mine is sadly lacking too) we hit one of our favorite thrift stores.

It doesn’t look like much, and finding the good stuff is a lot of work but it’s more about the company than anything else.

It took us a couple of hours but I found a bunch of great stuff. I ended up with eight shirts, two pairs of pants, a bag and a dress (see below) for less than $35. Mind = blown

Plus there’s the fun, silly part in finding gems like this:

Next trip is to Hawaii and she’s wearing this*

By far the best thing we found was my awesomely awful 80’s prom dress

Notice the inside is lined with the same red satin that’s on the top. Awesomeness.

The funniest part is, it fits me perfectly. Now I just need somewhere to wear this sexy thing. Who is hosting an 80’s theme party? Or maybe I will. Who wants to come?

Thrift shopping brought back so many memories from when we were in high school. I’m so glad she’s back in the country. Life is way more fun when I have my friends around.

*Not really