Today, as the title of the post says, was full of win.

And also stress.

But mostly win.

Before today, at the store we had one manager for the baristas, cashiers and servers. Now we have three. I’m one of them.


Also? Ack!

I’m not at the same level as the other manager (thank goodness) but I can do all kinds of managery things. The way my personality is I tend to step into a leadership role if no one else has anyway. It does make me nervous to be officially in charge though. If there’s a screw up it’s ultimately my fault. Everyone is learning though and nobody has everything figured out yet so I’m sure there will be grace for any minor mess ups until we have all the kinks ironed out.

The only thing I’m truly nervous about is the money part of it. Gah, I hate math. And numbers. And all numbery mathy type situations. Counting drawers? About the least fun thing ever. Thank God for calculators I guess, right?

Anyway, today was the first “full” day we were open. Eventually our hours will be extended more than what they are right now but there aren’t piles of boxes laying around and everyone is in full agreement that yes, we are in fact open. Yesterday whether we were open or not depended on who you asked. Kind of funny when you think about it.

Oh by the way, this store? Is incredibly fantastic. I can’t say that enough. I can’t wait until everything starts running smoothly. It’s already going better than it did yesterday so that’s encouraging.

Anyway, enough about work.


Oh right that’s basically all my life is right now. Work.

I’m cool with that though. Things will calm down eventually and I’ll get into a rhythm. I do miss being on Twitter all the time. I feel so out of the loop. I’ve made some really great friends on there in the past six months or so. Twitter seriously saved my sanity when I was unemployed and stuck at home almost all the time.

Now I’m at work for most of the day and when I come home I want to focus on Joel for a little while. Then I basically pass out from exhaustion.

Rinse, repeat.

There’s not really any Twitter chat time and that makes me sad. Oh well, such is life as an adult right?

The other win today was literal. The lovely Eileen from Bringing up Bronwyn had a giveway that I entered and I won! I almost never win anything! It made my day because Krust makes the most adorable headbands and other accessories. You must check out her Etsy store because AH-dorable! The hardest thing is going to be picking out just one item.

So, overall it was a good day today. Now that I’ve been home a little while I’m almost completely de-stressed. I have a feeling once I finish this

and snuggle with Joel for a little bit my stress will melt away completely.

I’m going to get on that right now.