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Death by deliciousness

One of my very favorite summer activities is going to the county fair. I guess I’m a Hoosier girl at heart. I was born there after all.

Anyway, since we have season tickets to Six Flags we didn’t care to do any rides this year. We planned to go last Sunday but Joel wasn’t feeling well. Since it was the second to last day most of the animals had already gone home (or been sold for burgers). We did get to see llamas though.

That meant that this year, it was all about the fried goodness. Joel and I have pretty healthy diets normally. At the fair? All that goes out the window. Joel was super excited to try fried Oreos (video here) for the first time. I was all about getting the classic elephant ear.

Love my family, love my dog, love my life. It was a good, good day.

Very Brave

Today we went to the fair out in Indiana. Joel’s putting together a video for me that I’ll post later. For tonight I’ll just leave you with this teaser.

Anthony couldn’t have been more excited to hold the python. Afterward he kept telling people “I got to pet the snake. I was very brave.”

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