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WordCamp Chicago

I had such a fantastic time at the conference this weekend. If there’s a WordCamp in your area I highly encourage you to go. It’s affordable and the information is invaluable. I know I probably shouldn’t have been, but I was surprised at how much I learned. I’ve been using WordPress for three years and am just now realizing how cool it actually is? That’s what I get for letting Joel take care of all my technical stuff for me.

It was neat to get to go to a conference “with” Joel. I say “with” because there were two tracks, a user and a developer. I’m sure it’s not hard for you to guess which one I chose.

hint: The only things I know how to code are links and photos. I am super proud of my knowledge of two HTML codes*. Two.

Still don’t know? Here’s another hint: Before the start this morning I was sitting with Joel at his table, visiting and drinking coffee. Since we were in the developer room a few of them started talking about some something or other. Something about code or websites or links or yeah, something. Sitting there hearing them speak English and yet not really knowing what the heck they were talking about I felt like I was watching the Spanish Channel. I understand a little Spanish, enough to get around in a pinch. Watching Spanish TV I catch a few words, bueno, loco, casa, el bano, la puerta… etc** and I might even be able to catch the general meaning of the conversation. Actually understanding? Not so much. That’s pretty much how I felt listening to them talk.

Anyway, I didn’t seem much of Joel except for during breaks but it worked out. The speakers were so incredibly interesting I probably wouldn’t have paid that much attention to him. Plus, I met a bunch of really nice people and on my side (users) I could even understand full conversations.

Besides the details I learned at each session, I learned three major things this weekend:

1. I have to redesign my blog. And by I of course I mean Joel.

2. I should probably get some cards printed up. I’m fairly certain I was the only one there without business cards for my blog. Me = Loser!

3. I really, really wish I was going to BlogHer this year. If I enjoyed this smallish conference this much I can just imagine the nerdgasm BlogHer would have been for me. ::sigh:: Next year.

*Joel informed me it’s HTML tags, not codes ::facepalm::

**Don’t know if I spelled those words right. Like I said, I know a little Spanish.

Not a lost generation

You all probably know I’m a huge nerd and that’s probably a big part of the reason I think this is so neato. (Yes, I did just say neato. See? Nerd.) It’s a palindrome which is what is what’s so cool about this project. I also happen to agree with the message. Anyway, enjoy.

Chuck, Nerds and Matisse

Today we went downtown again because Joel wanted to participate in a Chuck Flash Mob. A bunch of Chuck fans dressed up as nerd herd employees and flash mobbed millennium park and several other sites across the US. Fun stuff.

Look at the cute baby with a Nerd Herd ID made and everything. Holy cuteness.

You can see other pictures from the day on Joel’s blog.

We then hung out at Subway and chatted about the show mostly. I felt a little out of place because even though I love the show I don’t know the names and details of every episode. They definitely out-nerded me for sure. It was still fun listening and chiming in the little I could.

Afterward Joel and I took advantage of our membership to The Art Institute and checked out the Matisse exhibit among other things.


Meeting new people, experiencing new things… all part of living this life I have to the fullest. I love it.

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